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Jennie POV
I'm here now in airport, and I'm waiting for Lisa. She's late for 5mins ugh, hmm wait...

Is she, wearing seductive clothes? Fuckk my nose will bleed if it's true. While I'm thinking how Lisa be hotter than before, I heard some of fangirls screaming at the middle of the road, and I think it's Lisa, she's getting more famous ughh. Don't steal mah girl.

I saw Lisa pass at me and she didn't even look at me, I felt sad because she didn't even notice my beauty lol.

While I'm making drama drama outside the airport I heard Lisa's voice.

"Are just going to stand there?." she annoyingly said, I smiled at her and I ran to her.

When we're inside of their private plane, she's not talking to me and she's doing something on her laptop like she's watching porn.

She caught me looking at her and she closed her laptop.

" What are you looking at?." she asked.

"No-nothing." I stuttering said.

She look at the flight attendant and she called it.

"What is it Ms. Manoban?." she asked.

"What do you want to eat?." she asked me.

"Umm, cupcake or something sweet food?." I said and the flight attendant nodded.

"How about you Ms. Manoban?."she asked.

"Jasmine Tea." she said, wtf? She's more mature than before.

When the flight attendant leave, Lisa look at me.

"Stop comparing before to after Ms. Kim." she said and I got shock.

She really read what I'm thinking, hmm genius.

When the food arrive, I keep looking at Lisa, even she's reading a newspaper like an old person, she's still beautiful in every angle.

"Stop Staring at me." I was snap out of my thoughts by Lisa's said.

"Oh I'm sorry." I said.

"And stop seducing me, why don't you cover your cleavage." she said and I look at my polo, fuck I didn't even know that I didn't botton the two.

"I'm sorry." I said and she look at me.

"it's fine." she said.

I sigh and I finished my food quickly then I take a quick nap.

~Time Skipped~

I open my eyes and I saw Lisa sleeping, then I saw an fight attendant came over me.

"The plane is already landed." she said and I nodded.

I went closer to Lisa and I try to wake her up, and  I heard her mumbling something. But I can't hear it.

"What are you doing?." she irritatingly said.

"Oh I'm sorry." I said.

"I told you stop seducing me." she said and went off.

Ughh I didn't even do something weird on her, ugh wait.

Fuckk, she think I'm seducing her because I came closer and closer to her. Ughh.

Lisa POV
"Why were here?." she asked.

I ignore her and I went Inside the shop.

"Jennie sweetie!" Jennie's mom said.

"Mo-mom ?." Jennie said and she look at me.

"Wait, why are you here Manoban." her mom said and she glare at me.

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