Chapter 5

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The first week in Charming flew by and to be honest I hardly saw Alex, he had become Happy’s shadow whenever he wasn’t doing something for the club. I spent my days with Gemma, Koz and my dad. I had went out to lunch on the Tuesday with Donna and Tara and to say it didn’t go very well was an understatement, well things with me and Donna were great but I couldn’t help but feel judged from the minute Tara had walked in and joined us both in a booth. She questioned me why on earth I would come back here after managing to leave it all behind me and especially why the hell would I allow Alex to be part of this world. After I told her straight that I had only come to visit and in fact it was her who had come back to actually live and then to top it off not only did she got back involved with the club when she didn’t need to but to raise someone else’s child in the same environment, which caused her to just look stunned and Donna to smirk at me as I excused myself and made my way back to TM suddenly not hungry. When I pulled back into the lot I was thankful I didn’t see Hap or Alex and bypassed the ones that were sitting on the picnic benches having their lunch, walked straight into the club house and grabbed two beers and sat on one of the couches in the corner. I wasn’t alone a minute before Koz and Tig walked in and came towards me and sat down. ‘What’s up Lucy?’ Tig asked as I drained my first beer and started on my second one.

‘Nothing I just wasn’t hungry all of a sudden and needed a beer’ I said as the pair of them looked at me then at one another. ‘Seriously guys I am fine, I am gonna finish this beer then go back to Hap’s to start dinner’. Neither of them looked remotely like they believed a word that had come out of my mouth but I didn’t really want what had happened to be blown out of  proportion and plus I had said everything I had wanted to say on the matter to Tara in the diner, so I finished my second beer, got up and walked out. I looked for Alex and Hap again but when I checked to line of bikes his wasn’t there so I guessed that the two of them had gone somewhere for lunch, so I made my way to the truck and went back to Hap’s.

On Friday it shocked the shit outta me when Hap brought Alex back after being at the garage all day each of them carrying a bag from the store. He said he wasn’t going back to the club house for the usual party and that him and Alex had decided that the three of us needed a film night just us and that the pizza should be delivered soon. They both went to shower and came back in sweats just as the pizza was delivered so we sat for the next few hours watching films and eating our way through the junk food that they had picked up. I wasn’t really paying attention to the second movie and decided to go sit out back and have a smoke, I had even started buying my own now. I grabbed a beer and made my way to sit on the chairs Hap had on the covered porch. I was only out here about twenty minutes when Happy joined me after Alex had done his usual trick and crashed against him. ‘You ok Lucy?’ he asked as he pulled out his own smokes and lighting one.

‘Yeah I’m fine Hap, just couldn’t get into the second movie is all’.

‘So it had nothing to do with your run in with Tara the other day?’he said and my head snapped towards him.

‘How do you know about that, I text Donna and asked her not to say anything.’

‘She didn’t but Tara must have said something to Jax cause today he asked me if you had said anything to me’.

‘It really wasn’t a big deal, she tried to act like a judgemental bitch and I shocked the shit outta her when I put her in here place.’

‘Yeah Jax mentioned that too and he ain’t very happy with her. I think he was gonna ask your dad and Koz next but since neither of them have started banging on the door yet I take it as a no so far.’

‘Jesus Christ it wasn’t that big off a thing, she tried to climb on her high horse and I just happened to make it buck and she landed on her ass. I don’t need anyone fighting my battles for me which is why I didn’t say anything.’

‘I know you don’t, I remembered that much from when you lived here but personally I think she is jealous.’

‘Of what exactly?’ I asked as I looked at him not getting what he was trying to say.

‘When she came back it was because her ex was stalking her and she was terrified, especially cause he was a fed. She was working when Abel was born and helped save his life that’s how she got back in with Jax. Lets just say the fed won’t be a problem anymore.’ He said looking directly at me and I knew what he wasn’t saying. ‘You come back into town because you were worried about your family, you had no other motive for it and even when we found out about Alex you never expected or wanted anything from us Lucy. I mean you stood there that day and told me that if we couldn’t talk about it like adults that you would simply get back in your car and drive straight back out of Charming. Do you really think that the way it happened wasn’t the talk of the old ladies for weeks after? You were always a strong and stubborn person but do you not realise just how strong you are. You have raised our amazing son for the last ten years by yourself never once asking any of us for anything and then you are willing to let us all back in your life after the way we treated you just so we can get to know him. Trust me when I say she is jealous of the person you have showed us all you really are.’ he said and got up and walked straight back into the house.

I sat there stunned at what he had just said to me, I mean I knew we had gotten a lot closer since he found out about Alex and we had managed to spend time together without it turning into a insult throwing fight like it used to years ago but I never suspected that he thought anything like that about me. I was still lost in thought when he came back out ten minutes later carrying a bottle of whisky and two glasses. After he put them on the table he informed me that he had carried Alex and put him to bed. He poured us both a glass but we didn’t talk for a long while, we both just sat and enjoyed the quiet in the warm California night.

When I woke up the next day I was not surprised to see Happy still asleep and snoring on the sofa. We had managed to drink the whole bottle between us and to say I was felling a little delicate was an understatement as I stumbled my way into the kitchen and started the coffee machine. It hadn’t even brewed when I heard a bike pull up into Happy’s drive way so I went and opened the front door and stood on the porch so the bell wouldn’t wake up either of them. Jax was just hanging his helmet on his lights when he noticed me standing there and he grinned when he got a proper look at me as he walked up the porch steps ‘Morning darling.’

‘Bite me Teller, it’s too early for this shit and I haven’t had coffee yet. Come in but keep it down Alex is still in bed and Happy is still knocked out in a whisky coma on the sofa.’ His grin got bigger as he followed me into the house and we both walked into the kitchen. After I had poured us both a cup handing him the canister of sugar remembering that it pretty much always drank it in equal parts I made my way out the back to smoke.

He soon joined me ‘so you and Hap had your own party I see’ he said eyeing the empty whisky bottle that was still sitting on the table.

‘If by own party you mean watched films with our son til he fell asleep and then drank a whole bottle between us til he collapsed on the sofa and I managed to somehow crawl into bed then yeah’ I said as I took my first sip of coffee.

‘I didn’t mean offense Luce. Its still a little weird to see you to actually get along even after all these years.’

‘We have both grown up Jax, plus we kinda have something important in common now. It wouldn’t do any good if all Alex saw was us screaming and throwing insults at each other.’

‘Yeah I get that but whatever the reason I am glad you came back. I missed my partner in crime’ he grinned at me again causing me to grin back at him. We had been very close when we were younger. It was me and Opie who had finally managed to get him sober after Tara had left him heartbroken all those years ago.

‘I wanted to apologise for what Tara said to you the other day.’

‘Jax you are not the one that needs to apologise to me so please don’t. She is an adult and is allowed to think anyway she wants about me and the choices I have made but I will not have her looking down at me for them especially when it concerns my son. I can admit now that I probably over reacted with what I said back to her but at the time the bitch deserved it. Let’s be thankful that in the last ten years I have gotten a lot better at holding the infamous Trager temper in check and I didn’t break her face on the table top.’

‘Yeah I think we are all grateful for that. She wanted to come and apologise herself but did admit that you scare the shit outta her’ he said making me smirk at him but I managed not to tell him that she should be.

‘Jax we are probably never gonna be close. Christ we never were ten years ago but I am quite capable of being an adult and keeping my mouth shut, can you say the same about her?’ 

‘Yeah I can, I told her yesterday when she finally admitted what had happened at lunch that she didn’t have to like you nor you her but she damn well had to respect you, whether she likes it or not you have ties to two members of the club and you deserve it for walking away to stop any conflict between brothers.’

‘Thanks Jax but really it wasn’t necessary. I wasn’t going to say anything about it, I swore Donna to secrecy too. I am not here to cause any drama with anyone’ I said as I got up to get us both more coffee.

Alex came stumbling out the door about twenty minutes later looking like he literally just fell out of bed and I was thankful that the coffee had started kicking in as well as the pain killers I had took when I first got up. ‘Morning baby’ I said as Jax laughed as Alex continued to look around.

‘Morning mom, why is Happy asleep on the sofa?’ he asked as he scratched his bare chest.

‘We had a little too much to drink so he couldn’t drive back to the club house last night.’

‘Ok, I need juice’ he said as he walked back into the kitchen.

‘That was like looking at a mini hung over version of Hap’ Jax laughed and I couldn’t help but join in as we both heard a raspy fuck off from the door way and turned to see both Hap and Alex standing there both with the same look on their faces but luckily Hap still had his shirt on. Neither Jax or Hap were scheduled to work in the garage today and the way Jax had said that there was no other business to take of, which I knew that with Alex standing next to Hap still that he meant the club, we decided to go out for breakfast. Alex was suddenly looking wide awake at the mention of going on Haps bike and ran to get changed as we all finished our coffee. I went upstairs first to get changed and Hap went after me.

In the week since we had arrived the news that Happy had a kid had obviously spread through the town as when we walked into the diner me and Jax behind Hap and Alex the whole place went silence as they all looked at us. It took Happy growling what to make everyone suddenly interested with their plates and jobs as we walked back to a corner booth that was empty. We were looking at the menus when three cups appeared in front of us and I looked up from where I was sitting next to Jax to see a older waitress standing holding a coffee pot. ‘Coffee for the grown ups?’ she asked with a genuine smile on her face. We all nodded and Alex asked for a apple juice. When she came back we all ordered and Alex ordered the exact same as Happy but both him and Jax had realised over the last week just how much he could eat so didn’t question it.

Just before our food came Tig, Chibs Bobby and Juice stumbled in all looking very green around the gills. Alex saw them first and took great pleasure in standing on his seat next to Hap and bellowing ‘GRANDAD’ at the top of his voice causing everyone to turn and look at him before turning to look at Tig who just grinned and laughed as the four of them made their way over to us. Alex didn’t call Tig granddad often but took what I said before seriously about trying to embarrass him, but Tig revelled in it every time Alex said it not giving a shit who heard much to my chagrin. Our waitress never said anything when a table was pulled over to the end of our booth and the four very hungover Sons all ordered coffee and big breakfasts too soak up some of the alcohol in their systems. Alex was talking a mile a minute to them and wasn’t fazed at all about simply getting grunts and nods in return until everyone had eaten and we all had more caffeine in our systems.

Jax suggested that we all go back to the club house and Alex agreed before either me and Happy could say anything, so after the bill was paid we made our way outside with Alex going straight to Hap’s bike as I made my way to the truck. Before I could climb in I heard my name being called and turned to see David Hale walking towards me. I had never had a problem with him even though he hated Opie and Jax when we were all younger. I noticed that none of them got on their bikes when they saw who had shouted for me, but I just waved my hands at them and them knowing I could take care of myself especially with David, mounted the bikes but no engines started.

‘Hi Lucy, I heard you were back in town’ he said when he walked up to me.

‘Hi David, yeah been back week, just came to visit my dad’ I said gesturing to them all lined up behind him.

‘God he really does look like his dad’ he said when he turned and saw Alex sitting on the bike Happy wasn’t but they both had scowls on they faces and their arms crossed looking directly at us.

‘Oh yeah, no denying that. So how have you been?’ I asked as I noticed the deputy Chief badge on his chest.

‘Oh you know, not much changes in Charming’ he said not hiding the disgust in his tone and I knew he meant the Sons but refused to get into it again with him. It had been over ten years and I didn’t want the same argument with someone I had always considered a friend. ‘How long are you in town for, maybe we could grab a coffees sometime?’

‘Sure David, I am here for another two weeks before we head back to Boston but the same rules apply as before ok?’ I said hoping he remembered what I always used to say, we could be friends and he could feel anyway he liked about the Sons but they were my family and I wouldn’t listen to anyone who bad mouthed them to me.

He nodded ‘Yeah Lucy I remember and I won’t but I would like to catch up with a friend.’

‘Well Alex goes with Happy most days to the garage so I am about, how about we meet on Monday and have lunch. Say here about twelve thirty?’ I said.

‘Sure Lucy, I will see you then’ he said giving me a brief hug before walking into the diner.

I didn’t even need to look up to know that they would all be looking at me probably glaring, but I had never apologised for being friends with David Hale and I never would. He helped me years ago when he had just joined Charming PD and as I made him promise he never told a soul about happened to me. I climbed in the truck and waited for them to start their bikes then followed them to TM. When we pulled in I saw Gemma’s car and after I saw Hap and Alex walk into the club house I got out, but walked to the office first praying she would be there so I could put off being quizzed by at least Tig and Jax about what David had wanted to talk to me about. Thankfully she was in the office when I looked around the door. ‘Hey Gemma, didn’t think you normally worked on a Saturday’ I said as I went and sat on the couch that was pushed into the corner.

‘I don’t but it seems that people don’t know the alphabet when I take a day off and everything goes to shit’ she said waving to a foot high pile of papers on the corner of her desk.

‘Pass me half and I will help’ I said.

‘You sure sweetheart, you’re meant to be on vacation.’

‘I am sure, please I just ran into David Hale when we were leaving the diner and I don’t fancy being quizzed by that lot this early’ I said gesturing towards the cub house.

‘Don’t blame you’ she said handing me half the stack. I sat crossed legged on the floor, spreading them in front of me and then started to put them in order whilst she did the same on her desk. Within an hour we were all done and after they were put back into the filing cabinet we walked out of the office and towards the club house. When we walked in Alex was playing pool with Tig and the others were all sitting around giving him pointers on how to beat Tig. Happy noticed when we walked in and got up and walked towards me. ‘Can I talk to you outside?’ he practically growled at me as he walked outside. I smirked at Gemma who rolled her eyes at me as I turned to follow him outside. I sat on one of the benches and lit a smoke as he paced up and down in front of me. ‘What’s on ya mind Hap?’ I asked.

‘What did Hale want?’ he said when he finally stopped.

‘Wants to meet up on Monday for lunch and a catch up’ I told him honestly. ‘With Alex being with you all the time I’m free so I thought meeting up with a friend sounded fun.’

‘A friend, since when has Hale been your friend Lucy?’

‘Since we went to school together. Before you even lived here.’

‘You’re not going.’

I was off the bench instantly standing in front of him, I might be quite tall at five foot nine but I still had to look up at him with him being at least six one. ‘The hell you just say to me?’

‘I said you ain’t going.’

‘Who the fuck do you think your talking to exactly, cause it ain’t one of your whores that bows to your every command. I will never let a man you or otherwise tell me who I can and can’t be friends with so politely go fuck yourself.’

‘I don’t trust him and I saw the way he was looking at you.’

‘I haven’t seen the guy in over ten years, we were friends before I moved to Boston and I will be friends with him now. We have only ever been friends nothing more and even if he wasn’t it has got fuck all to do with you.’

‘The fuck it hasn’t you’re the mother of my son.’

‘That doesn’t mean you get a say in my life Hap, it means to get a say in his.’

‘What happens in your life effects his, don’t forget that’ he said pointing towards the club house doors.

‘Are you seriously questioning my priorities as a mother right now, cause I swear to God I will shoot you if you ever try and say that I have ever put someone before that boy in there. You absolute arrogant fuckwit.’ I screamed at him as I went to move past him knowing that if I stayed anywhere near him currently I was going to do or say something I would regret. He grabbed my arm as I walked past him and I moved without even thinking about it, I turned and swung my fist catching him in the jaw but he let go immediately to glare at me. ‘Don’t fucking touch me Lowman’ I growled as I walked towards the truck. As I put the keys in the ignition I saw Tara standing by her car staring me in shock, I didn’t even know she had pulled up as I was too busy arguing with Hap. Before I pulled out of the lot I text Gemma telling her that I wasn’t feeling well and could she tell Alex I would see him at home later, knowing that Happy, Tig or Gemma would drop him off later for me.

I was too angry to go back to Hap’s place so I decided to go to the one place that always helped me think when I was younger. The spot by the streams hadn’t changed much since I had been here last so I got out of the truck and sat against the old tree that I used to whilst I thought of ways I could beat Happy. I was still raging when I  heard a bike and turned to see Koz park next to the truck, walk towards me and sit down next to me but he knew me well enough to wait til I was ready to talk. About ten minutes later I looked at him. ‘So I may have punched Happy in the face’ I said grimacing.

‘Yeah he told me plus he is getting a bruise too. Tara is actually the one who came and told me about you arguing. It was Happy who told me what about. He knows he was a dick Lucy.’

‘Please don’t defend what he said to me Koz, he can think what he likes about me but never to question the mother I am.’

‘I ain’t defending him, what he said is bullshit and he knows it. The only reason he ain’t out looking for you is Alex.’

‘I can’t believe I punched him, it was an automatic response when he grabbed my arm to stop me from walking away. I bet he wants to kill me right about now.’

‘Surprisingly he don’t Luce.’

‘Come on Koz you really don’t expect him to admit it to the one person who wouldn’t actually let him do it.’

‘It wouldn’t just be me that stopped him but that is besides the point. He knows he was a dick and I agree with him about that but have you ever thought about it from his point of view?’

‘What point is that Koz, demanding I don’t catch up with an old friend while I’m in town. Telling me that I am not going just like that. Thinking that he can treat me like one of his little whores around the club willing to say how high when he says jump. Fuck that and fuck you if that is what you’re suggesting’ I said getting up so I could pace and smoke getting angry again.

‘No Lucy that isn’t what I am saying. I am saying that he loves that kid more than he will be willing to admit and that he is probably jealous of any man who is going to be in your life regardless whether it is as a friend or not cause they will get to spend time with Alex that he isn’t. That some day if you get married that whoever he is, is going to spend everyday with Alex while he can’t. That even though it has only been a few weeks, he has got to know you on a level that he never did when you lived here. You were both so busy insulting each other to ever look at the reasons why you both did it in the first place.’

That little speech stopped me in my track as I hadn’t thought about it that way, it never crossed my mind that he would be jealous of people spending time with Alex. I was choosing to ignore the last part about me for now at least. ‘Well fuck Koz I never thought about it like that before’ I said deflating and sitting next to him again taking the unlit smoke when he offered it to me.

‘I know you didn’t and that’s ok but before this vacation is over you both need to sit down just the two of you and talk everything through. I mean what ya gonna do when he asks for visitation Luce. You have seen just how close they have gotten, do you really think that Alex is not wanna come down and see his dad every chance he gets. I ain’t saying this to upset you I am just helping you to see things more clearly’ he said pulling me into a one armed hug.

‘I know Koz, you always do, thats why you have always been my person’ I said resting my head on his shoulder and putting my free arm around his waist.

We stayed for another thirty minutes but neither of us felt the need to talk. Before I climbed in my truck I hugged him again and kissed his cheek telling him I was going back to Hap’s but would text him later as he nodded and climbed on his bike.


I knew the minute the words came outta my mouth that I had fucked up, she got the same look in her eyes as Tig does just before he goes nuclear. I didn’t mean it the way it came out but seeing her with Hale outside the diner made me feel things I had never felt before and I realised that when she was standing in front of me telling me she would shoot me that I was jealous not only at the fact that some guy could spend time with Alex that I couldn’t but with Lucy too. I knew I needed to calm down and explain things to her so when I grabbed her arm to stop her from walking away from me I didn’t expect her to turn round swinging but I really should of after what I had just implied to her. It shocked the shit outta me just the amount of force she was able to put behind one punch and if I hadn’t of been standing so close to her and she had been able to get a better swing on it she probably would of knocked me on my ass. I glared at her as she walked towards her car but I was honestly to stunned to do anything but watch as she tore out of the lot. I noticed Tara standing by her car staring at me but I paid her no attention as I sat down on the bench and put my head in my hands.

Hearing the door to the club house open and close I knew she had gone inside and I hoped she kept her mouth shut about what she had just seen but the way the door flung open a few minutes later I knew she hadn’t as Koz came storming out and stood in front of me with his arms crossed. ‘What did you do?’ he all but snarled at me which was rare as he was always grinning normally.

‘I fucked up’ was all I said as I looked up at him.

‘Yeah I gathered that after Tara just woke me up to tell me she saw you two screaming at each other’ he said sitting down beside me looking slightly less pissed off, so I told him everything that had happened and he grinned at me when he said I had a bruise already coming up on my jaw from where she hit me.

‘She needs to calm down before you talk to her Hap, I have a pretty good idea of where she went too but you need to tell her how you feel.’

‘She knows I love that kid Koz and I was a complete dick for saying that shit to her.’

‘That ain’t what I’m talking about and you know it. You like her just like you did all those years ago but now you need to man up and tell her cause it ain’t a good idea for that kid in there to hear you two screaming at each other every time you are in the same room together and you’re right you were a dick. She loves that kid more than anything and I am telling you now you ever question that again and I will shoot you myself brother or not.’

‘I don’t like her Koz’ I lied to his face. ‘We would end up killing each other and I ain’t meant to have an old lady.’

‘You also said you were never gonna be a father but since you found out about the kid you have become an amazing one Hap, so please pull ya head outta ya ass and think about it. I am gonna go find her and talk to her’ he said standing up and checking he had his keys and phone before walking towards his bike.

After he drove out of the lot I went back into the club house and Alex was still playing pool but Tig just looked at me and grinned when he saw the mark on my jaw, but didn’t say anything as I sat at the bar with a beer and Gemma came and sat next to me. ‘That was quite the argument’ was all she said.

‘yeah, shit did Alex hear?’ I asked looking over to him.

‘No Bobby took him into the kitchen and showed him his cookie stash’ she said taking a sip of her coffee.

‘God, Koz has gone to find her.’

‘Good he always the one who could talk to her when she got upset or angry. Tara came in and went straight to Koz’s room, she didn’t even stop to talk to Jax so that might help her repair the damage she managed to do in the diner the other day.’

‘How do you know about that?’ I asked and she just quirked a brow at me as she got up from her stool and walked over to Jax, Tara and Abel. I knew that I would have to go talk to Lucy as much as I didn’t want to I owed her an apology for saying what I did. I walked over to the pool table and told Alex that I had something to do and that he would be staying with Tig but I would be back soon and we could do something when I got back. He just nodded and as I made my way out to my bike Koz was pulling in. ‘She is going back to your place Hap and I calmed her down but for fuck sakes watch how ya word things ok brother.’ I nodded as I got on my bike and made my way home.

Her truck wasn’t parked in the drive when I got there so I parked and let myself in and was sitting in the kitchen ten minutes later when she walked in carrying a few bags from the store. She stopped when she saw me sitting there. ‘Sorry about punching you’ was the first thing she said to me as she walked to the counter and put the bags down and started unpacking them.

‘Don’t be I was a dick and deserved it. That is quite a decent right hook’ I said and she grinned at me finally not looking nervous.

‘You can thank my dad, Koz and Chib’s for training me when I was a teenager and didn’t have quite the control on my temper I have now.’

‘I’m sorry about what I said Lucy, I didn’t mean it. You are an amazing mom and Alex is an amazing kid and that is all thanks to you. As much as I hate to admit it I hate the thought of someone, anyone getting to spend time with him. Especially when you go back to Boston and all I get is calls and a few visits a year, I love that kid.’

‘Yeah I know you do Hap and he worships you’ she said as she came around the counter and took a seat opposite me at the table. ‘Koz talked to some sense into me. I never honestly thought about it from your point of view. We are gonna have to sort something out properly about you seeing him as much as possible.’

‘Yeah you’re right’ I said ‘before you start shouting at me I wanna help with money too’. I held my hand up to stop her from talking. ‘Listen I know you don’t need it and have managed for the last ten years but he is my responsibility too. Put in an account in his name I don’t care but I am gonna do it whether you agree or not just thought it would be easier to give up a heads up about it.’


If I was honest with myself I had never thought about it from Happy’s point of view til Koz mentioned it to me about how it would feel for him and what shocked me more was that he actually admitted to me, never mind that he apologised to me for saying what he did. I guess we both really had changed in the last ten years. When he mentioned money he knew I would refuse but before I could he kept talking and I could see where he was coming from. He had always been loyal and loved his family. I knew that about him from when I lived here, so I didn’t put up a fight when he said he would send money whether I agreed or not so I decided that I would set up an account for Alex and if at eighteen he decided to go to college he would be able to use it for that.

‘I will sort out an account when we get back to Boston and how about when he turns eighteen he can decide what to use it for then’ I said to Happy who looked relieved that I wasn’t going to fight with him over the money issue.

‘Sounds good Luce, did you mean it about him visiting?’ he asked sounding hopeful.

‘I did Hap, but you have to know that I can’t just drop everything. I have responsibilities back in Boston. Me and Matt own the garage fifty fifty and when I get back he goes on vacation so I have to be there to run the place and you have responsibilities to the club too, but if we are both willing to talk about things and not argue we can make this work for Alex so he gets to see you as much as possible. I would never stand in the way of that.’

‘Yeah if know that, as I said it was dick move’ he said and I just smirked at him.

‘Right and about me dating’ I said and he looked angry again but didn’t say anything. ‘I rarely date Hap and Alex has never met anyone I dated either so you can stop scowling at me. I have never met anyone that I was serious enough about for that to happen, but if it ever does I will tell you cause you have just as much right to know as his dad but I expect the same from you. He doesn’t meet anyone you’re seeing without talking about it to me first and he certainly doesn’t meet any of your whores from the club. This has to go both ways Hap it can’t be you just barking orders at me and expecting to just go with it. Whether you like it or not we are gonna have to get along for at least the next eight years for Alex’s sake if nothing else.’

‘I know and I agree with everything you have just said. I have actually been thinking of going nomad again so I can spend more time going where I like so I could set up base closer to him but I haven’t said anything about it yet but I think Clay and Jax suspect it at least.’

‘I get that but I was thinking that when Matt comes back from vacation that Alex still has a few weeks before school so I could bring him back but I wouldn’t be able to stay so it would be all on you, depending on the club stuff you have to do and Gemma has already offered that Alex could stay with her if you had runs to do and he likes her so it wouldn’t be a problem on that end but I will not have him passed off to people so you can get laid on a weekend.’

‘Christ Lucy give me some credit, I am capable of not thinking with my dick all the time. I would love him to come stay with me and I am sure that Clay and Jax would let me skip the runs unless it was important for me to be there. Do you think Alex would like it?’

‘Hap you have no idea how much he loves you already. We had only been here two days when he started asking about when we could come back. He mentioned Thanksgiving and Christmas so I would say yeah he is gonna want that.’

‘Ok so if we talk to him about it then we just go from there is what your saying?’

‘Pretty much Hap, now I am going to start making dinner so you go get our boy and bring him back for about five and we can eat together cause I can tell you now that he probably knows that we argued so if he asks just tell him that we are both stubborn assholes but we have sorted it ok?’ I said getting up and opening the fridge.

‘Gemma said he didn’t hear but yeah your right he probably knows’ he said getting up and surprising me all over again as he kissed my cheek before walking out the kitchen and I couldn’t help but bring my hand up to my cheek and touching where he had just kissed me as I heard the front door shut but like I did earlier when Koz had brought it up I pushed it to one side in my mind and concentrated on making dinner.

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