Remove His Powers for His Life (Ironstrange)

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And sorry in advance that the first parts of this story is all dialogue... it's just hard to describe someone just sitting there and talking so--


"Stephen, I-- I don't know if you can hear me..." Tony started, sitting next to Stephen's hospital bed.

"But this is my fault... I was selfish." He leaned his elbows beside Stephen's arm, rubbing his own hands to get rid of his nerves.

"When you first lost your powers and you said you were okay with it... I--I didn't think twice."

"Stephen, I was just so happy that maybe we could..."

"Grow old together..." That was all Tony wanted, was to get to live the rest of his life with his love. He couldn't live with the thought that Stephen died because of his selfishness. He didn't want that on his conscious.

Tony fidgeted with his thumb, sniffing as he continued his speech. "I-I guess I didn't realize, deep down that you were suffering."

"Stephen, I love you more than anyone in the world."

Tony took his hand in his, rubbing his thumb over his palm.

"And I'm so sorry..."

He looked down at Stephen's peaceful face, everything that he did wrong, clouding his own mind. He never wanted this.

"I'm sorry..."


Tony was headed to the Sanctum Santorium, that what was used to be his and Stephen's place. A lot of memories were made there, it meant everything to both of them, unfortunately, the sorcerer gave it up in exchange for his magic. The magic that put Stephen in that situation in the first place.

Tony knew how desperate Stephen was to get his magic back, yet he didn't stop him from confronting Loki to give it back.

As he arrived, Tony was about to knock but was beat to it as the double-doors was already opening when he raised his hand.

The door revealed Loki, standing at the top of the stair case. He was greeted with things scattered throughout the, used to be, spacious area, now it was just filled with Loki's junk. And there was also classical music playing in the background, making things more nerve wracking than before.

"Charming, isn't it?" Loki started, with his back still turned to Tony. "The simple spells are the ones that are so... mesmerizing, right?" He continued, making Tony confused on what he was referring to, but didn't really pay any mind to it.

"We need to talk." Tony ignored his words.

Loki shook his head and said. "Hold on, this is the best part." The God closed his eyes and started swaying to the music that's playing in the room.

Tony rolled his eyes, getting fed up with this moron's antics and headed to the music box, shutting it off. In which, making Loki turn around, rolling his eyes. "What can I do for you, Mr. Stark?" He started walking down the steps.

"Stephen's been ill for almost a week because of the magic you gave him."

"I did warn your boyfriend of the risks involved. I'm sure that he can handle it." Loki nonchalantly replied as he sipped from his tea.

Tonh groaned, stepping a foot forward. "Well, he can't. And I would appreciate it if you'd take it back, please?"

Loki laughed, his smooth snarky and loatheful laugh, pouring himself another cup when he reached the bottom. "Oh, I know you would, Stark. But, he brought this upon himself. It's not my fault if this some-sort of a wizard dies."

"Why? Why do you hate him so much?"

The God shook his head as he explained. "It's simple. All my life, I had to sit by and see the praise he was given by the whole world. About him being a hero and all and then there's me, the God of mischeif. I'm nothing in the eyes of mortals."

Tony stiffled a laugh, trying not to think more of it as he imagined Loki standing by Stephen as he loathed him silently. But quickly frowned at the God.

Loki noticed this and grits his teeth. "You have no idea, Stark, how hard I had to work for everything that I have."

Every word Loki said only made Tony more impatient. He retorted. "Well, you're right about one thing, Stephen is beloved and when the word gets out that you wouldn't help him out of jealousy. I think you already know what's going to be the public's headline"

However, the God didn't seem phased and just smirked. "I guess, we'll just have find out, won't we?"

Tony grunted, switching his wrist watch into one of his suit's gauntlets, aiming it at Loki, storming towards him. "You douchebag, I swear I'll---" the repulsor was about to shoot but he was cut off by Loki's magic.

"You'll what?" His hand was still held up, pinning Tony to the wall with the use of his powers. "I believe we're done here. You can show yourself out." He let's go.

Tony sniffed, what was he to do at this point? It seems like there was no persuading this sorcerer. He felt tears brimming up his eyes from the thought of losing Stephen. No, he had to try. "You've never loved someone before that you would do anything for them, have you?"

Loki was now facing the other way but replied nonetheless. "Oh, believe me, Stark. At the age of over a thousand years, of course I have. More times than I care to admit."

Tony walked closer to him, continuing. "Well, for me it's only one; Stephen. And if he dies..." his eyes were now filled with unshed tears. "Look, he's no threat to you, okay? He doesn't have his powers. Just--" He swallowed. "Please... please help him."


But if I'm being honest, I didn't know how to title this story.

And I had a hard time deciding if this fic should be Stony or Ironstrange. Cause, Steve is basically "immortal" (i think) but it just made more sense that I used Stephen because of the magic and all.

[Ps: yeah, this is bad]

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