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princess pov

"uhhhhh! oh yeah, daddy!!!like that!!!fuck your princess!!!", i heard a muffled moan as i walked down the strangely dark hallway.

i peered through the door to see daddy having sexy time with one of the meanie girls from the auction oh so long ago.

"fuck yeah, princess! you like that?!", he groaned as he plowed into her.
"yeah, daddy! i love your big fat cock inside of me!"

all i could do was watch. how could daddy cheat on me. especially with this girl. how could he call her his princess.

that was my name.

i pushed through the door and walked in to face daddy and the girl. he continued to thrust into her as he stared at me with dark eyes. the girl continued to moan and scream daddy's name.

"daddy...what are you doing?", i say weakly, a tear falling from my eye.
"fucking my princess", he says with a straight face.
"i thought i was your princess...i thought you loved me", i cry out.
"i don't love you", he said sternly.

oh my god! what was happening?!

i ran out the room and down the hall. his words echoed in my head.

i don't love you. i don't love you. i don't love you.

i continued to run down the never ending dark hall.

why wouldn't it stop?!, "help! help! i need help", i cried out quietly, falling on the ground.


i jolted awake. i was shaking and cold. i couldn't move, my body felt weak and tired. my heart raced as i thought about the nightmare. i was shivering cold.

"daddy...", i croaked out. no reply.
"mommy...", i say my voice dry.

what else could i do. i was helpless.

soon enough mommy came rushing in.

"princess what's wrong?! are you okay?"
"n-no i-i can m-move", i cry.
"oh my gosh, princess. you're burning up, let me get you a cold towel"
"don't leave me", i croak.
"okay, i'll just turn on the fan", she turns on the fan and i shiver from the cold.
"i-i'm co-cold mommy"
"you're sweating baby, just let me—"
"i'm so cold...", i mumble.
"okay, princess come to mama", she picks up my limo body and cradles me.

i begin to feel warmth.

"what happened?", she rubs my back.
"i had a dream daddy was having s-sexy time with another princess and he said he d-didn't love me", i cry into her arms.
"you know that's not true princess. daddy loves you more than anything in the world. even me", she coos and kisses my forehead. "we love you"

i snuggle into mommy, the feeling in my body coming back.

"where's daddy?"
"he's working late tonight but i promise you when he gets home he'll give you all sorts of kisses", she says blowing a raspberry on my tummy making me giggle. "now let's go back to bed"

he takes me into their room and wraps me in my favorite blankie and gives me mr. fluffy. she wraps her body around me until i fall asleep.

once i wake up daddy is also wrapped around me. i felt so loved and happy.

i've never felt this way before. i love them so much.

short but sweet

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