BONUS FOR: In which Giorno has three biological fathers

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The full conversation between Jotaro and Polnareff


 "Ah, um. Well you'll see my...condition when you get here." Polnareff assures him.

Jotaro frowns. "Here?"

"Yeah, I'm in Italy now. Did I mention?"

"No, you didn't. You've told me that the person you were...trying to investigate before s gone now, but you never mentioned that you stayed in Italy." Jotaro pauses. "I thought you wanted to return to France?"

"Ah. I did. But..."

Jotaro is getting impatient. "But?"

"See, I'm kinda working under the mafia now."

"..."Jotaro has to close his eyes and stops time momentarily. A low pitch but still extremely loud sound fills the world of stopped time as Jotaro decides to scream into a pillow out of frustration. He then goes back to the conversation as if everything was normal. "....What?"

"I mean...I'm working for the head of the mafia I guess...but the mafia is good now! Y'know, doing charity work and shit."


"No! Jotaro, you're getting the wrong idea aren't you!"

"Polnareff what the fuck."

"Okay, okay. There was this one kid, 'name was Giorno and-"

"Polnareff. I...swear to god: if you tell me you are currently working for Dio's son I will-"

"Wait. Jotaro! What!? Dio's son!?"

"You...didn't know?"


Jotaro takes the silence on the other end as enough of an answer.

And finally; "What, but if my Dio's son...uh. Does that mean he's a vampire?"

Jotaro's eyebrow twitches, then curves farther down into an even deeper scowl than he held before. "I don't fucking know. I'm a marine biologist. Not a fucking vampire expert."

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