Part 14

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I couldn't shake the awful feeling, it was like like something looming over me. Everywhere I went, I don't know if it is from what happened at the border of town...or it's been there ever since I got out of the cells.
I stood outside of the motel door, leaning my forehead against the door I couldn't help but feel physically drained, and emotionally, I didn't even want to look at Alice, it was just another reminder of something keeping me here

I turned the doorknob and entered the room, my eyes immediately falling onto the stranger on my bed. Well not exactly stranger, but I don't know exactly who Micheal is...
" well, well, look at what the cat dragged in "

" I'm so sorry Alex! He just barged it " I glanced at Alice and turned back to Micheal " I just want to help " I scoffed as I slammed the door shut " help? Says the one who wanted to give me back to that hell of a place "

" I had my reasons Alex " I nodded, I couldn't believe this, the audacity " oh yeah? So what's changed "


I stared at her, unsure of how to answer. I didn't know what had changed....her scent had definitely changed. Since the moment I saw her I knew there was something off about her, that's why I was willing to trade to Alpha Grayson
" that's not important right now " I spoke finally " I just want to help you get out of town"

She sighed and took a seat " I can't "
" what, why? " I turned to Alice and turned back to Alex " I can't, I physically can't get out of here! I tried, there was like a shield that didn't let me " was she being serious ? I knew right away someone must have put something around the town, but who?

I stared at Alex, a long look in her eyes as she sat still looking at the tv, but not at the same time " have you spoken to Alpha Grayson " she turned to me and grimaces " a few run ins " I nodded and sighed as I felt vibrating in my pocket, I picked up the phone and saw an unknown number
" who is it ? " I looked at Alex and declined the call " no one "

" Alex, since the moment I saw you I knew there was " she looked at me, a dirty glare pointed right at me " what the hell is that supposed to mean " she snapped standing up " there's just something " I spoke, choosing my words carefully " off about your scent "

She rolled her eyes at me and sat back down, pulling her fingers through her hair and taking a deep breath. I couldn't imagine what she was going through at the moment...
I knew being locked up in a cell did something to you, just watching Alice react to me made me realise the pain she had gone through

" I-i didn't mean it like that " I spoke carefully unsure of how to fix this " maybe if we find someone who can remove whatever it I-" Lucy!" She shot up, I stared at her confused

" who is Lucy? "
" a witch " my body froze, I looked at Alex like she was insane, because she was! " a witch? What are you doing hanging out with a witch ?" She looked at me like I said something stupid, I hated witches but I never knew there was one in this is Alpha Grayson even allowing that?!

We walked into the small store, I could already feel my wolf steering inside of me. Witches were known to kill our kind, I thought their covens had been extinct so it was rare seeing a witch by herself " back again " she was a small women, looked no threat but I knew deep down...
" there's a problem, someone or something isn't letting me leave this town " Alex explained, the witch looked at her confused and smiled " what do you mean hunny ? "
She seemed almost amused ?

" I tried leaving, but there was like this wall that wouldn't let me. It would push me back every time " the witch walked over to a book section, tracing her fingers against the old covers " sounds like a force field " she muttered and pulled a book out
I felt buzzing in my phone again, I looked at the screen and looked back at Alex who wasn't really paying attention to me. I quietly left the store and answered

" you're screwing with me Micheal " I sighed and rubbed my temple " I told you were she'd be Alpha, I never told you I'd bring her by force" he laughed, a deep laugh that sent shivers down my spine " you're done " the call ended, leaving me standing alone on the street, wondering what he had meant....


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