[Chapter Twelve]

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"Please don't hate me for what I've done,

Run away with me,

I'll be eveything that you need."

-"The Lover"


Taking in all his features, I knew my mind was doing this to me on purpose. His mirrored image that I promised to always memorise even in my most unconscious state, was portrayed out before me.

It was the cruelest joke my mind had ever played on me.

It was not until his hands cupped my face, making me look directly into his blue eyes, that I truely believed that this could be happening.

"Nadia," Luc breathed, his eyes searching my face.

I smiled, covering my hands with his, "Luc, what are you doing here?"

He instantly pulled me into his arms, making my heart leap. "I had to know how Adrik was treating you." His tone while saying his name was poisonous, marking his tongue with the foulest of threats.

"I'm going to kill him," Luc said venomously. "He had you chained to the bed, Nadia! Like some animal! Do you expect me to be okay with that?"

I shook my head, "No, I do not expect you to be anything but furious. Though I am in perfect condition, the only fault Adrik has against him is taking away my rights as a human being ans chaining me to this bed -- he has not abused or harmed me yet."

"It does not matter to me, he has begun to treat you like an animal. You do not desvere to live through that. I only wish I could wisk you away so that we never have to face him or his idiotic thoughts and possessiveness."

I laughed, loving the way my ears rejoyced in the simple sounding of his voice. Whether he was angry or not, the thought of never being able to see him again, even for a day, scarred me.

You never imagine how wonderful something is until it is forcibly taken away from you, that instant.

Wrapping my arms around his lean torso, I pressed my face into his chest to enjoy the feel of him around me. Even his scent that masked my surroundings left me breathless.

He was here, in my arms.

In a matter of moments I was in a fit of giggles. Luc had scooped me up into his arms and carried me to the bed, then gently placed me down and now proceeded to tickle me endlessly.

Even with my cries and pleas, he found it hilarious and continued. I had forgotten of the Queen's presence behind the door, or the fact that soon Adrik would be coming home and if he caught Luc here -- I knew something was bound to go wrong. No, I reveled in the feeling that this moment in time was ours, solely.

I jumped when I felt soft fingertips tracing along my non-existing baby bump. Looking down I saw Luc rubbing small circles over my stomach, then trailing kisses over it every now and then.

Just looking at the amount of love that shone through his eyes made my own eyes water.

In an instant, Luc had jumped off of the bed while grabbing his hood and pulling it over to shadow his features. He lifted up the window and gracefully jumped out, landing on his feet. But not before promising me he would be watching, threatening Adrik's power over me.

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