Chapter 13

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Pipers PoV
I gripped the sides of the paint hard with my heels and she sped off, I decided to name her. Her name would be Splash. I paled as flashbacks from the accident flew through my head and felt a few tears leak. I was slowing down and I knew Splash felt my emotions. "It's ok girl, we've got this." I whispered and she neighed and sped up. We passed 3 other opponents, but then Liam caught up to me. He laughed, raising his whip. "You're nothing," he whispered before a loud crack hit the air as his horse neighed and ran off. I thought for a second. I was just an Aphrodite girl, "I saved the world didn't I? I-I can't be nothing," I choked and swallowed down the tears.

For Olympus.

I pushed forward and came from 9th to 5th, I smirked at the men beside me but frighteningly, they just smirked back, their eyes showing fire. "Lookie 'ere boys, a little lady who thinks she can beat us?" One said, his black steed racing forth. "Why that seems to be happening Jackie, why don't we show her girlies aren't allowed to race." They all laughed and ran together, blocking my path. "You guys are just sexist pieces of schist!" I cried, they just laughed.
"Ah, but you want to know what's your are? Nothing! And that's what'll you'll always be." Another joined in, "and you won't ever be anything important, that boyfriend of yours, he'll find another girl in time and never know you existed, the seven friends that came with you, they will replace you! With that Calypso girl. You aren't needed in this world, your just here because the Gods called you. Your just a child of the love goddess, you're nothing!" After his big rant they all laughed and raised their whips, bringing it down onto their horses. Leaving me in last place.

I realised they were handyman for Liam, but I couldn't bring myself to race. What they said must be true. I am nothing, the way they said it so confidently. I choked on a sob and Splash looked up at me in surprise. I had no motivation to continue going. Shine died because of me. Did that really mean I was nothing? Was I to be replaced? Tears fell from my eyes as the yelling was heard louder and louder, I looked towards my friends, at Jason. He looked at me worriedly.

I turned back towards the other horses, they were way more in front then I thought. Suddenly a voice whispered in my ear. 'You can do this, just believe. You aren't nothing, you are one of the seven, freer of Hera! And you will rise above them all!' I smiled, it was Rose. My pink dragon, "thanks Rose," I whispered before determination crossed my face, "Hiya! Come on Splash!" I cried as she reared up in excitement. "Woah! What's going on here?" The commentator exclaimed.

Third person
Piper smirked as most gasped. Then, they raced forwards. During that time Piper passed two riders and came up to another. She passed him before he could say anything and soon the 5th fell behind, leaving her 5th. She glared at the men before her. The ones that took her down.

"We got this Splash," she whispered to her. Kicking her legs she sped up, passing all 3 of them. Liam was the last person to pass before she won. The finish line only seconds away.

Pipers PoV
I looked to the stands. They were all standing. Except for my friends each of who had faith in me. They cheered the loudest though, Leo and Jason holding signs as Percy got up to puke multiple times.

I looked in front just as Liam turned his head, he gasped as he saw me, giving me enough time to pass him. "See ya!" I yelled laughing as I saluted him. Turning back to my mane goal. (See what I did there? Mane instead of main? Like a horses mane? Ha ha!... I'm not funny) I was getting to the finish line and without looking back, I passed it.
The others crossed it too and I sighed in relief. I listened to the commentators and heard everyone hold their breath as they waited to see who won. "First place goes to Piper McLean on her horse Golden Gaze!"
I liked the name Splash better.
Everyone cheered as I walked to the podium on Splash and took the trophy, thanking them. After rounds of photos I got off Splash and handed the trophy to Jason. "We need to free the horses in there," I said, pointing to the barn. "They're being abused." Hazel gasped and ran towards the barn, everyone close behind. We raised the latches on the stalls and walked in. I stayed behind with Splash though. Once we all had the horses, we rode our dragons back to the stark towers, the horses laying down on the dragons. Well that was once everyone had left. But not without the men and Liam sneering at me and handing me a few colourful words.

We arrived at Stark Towers and took the horses to the stalls that had magically appeared behind the towers. We made sure to treat their wounds and make the pregnant one happy and comfy. We were ok at the moment. I had won the trophy, we had the gem and so far nothing had gone wrong. But I knew something bad would happen soon.

Problem was, I didn't know how soon.

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