TWILIGHT :The New Storm

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The boy replies “I don't want to talk about it.”

Charlie realizing that this is possibly a touchy subject decides to change the subject, Charlie says

“You have missed a lot since you disappeared Bella is married now, she lives in Forks also with her husband Edward, that reminds me you really don't have any place to stay right now Bella's things are still in her room at the house.”

With that Charlie whips out his cell phone and calls Carlisle when Carlisle picks up Charlie asks

“Hi, Dr. Cullen how’s it going, I was wondering if you could do me a favor my nephew is here and Bella’s things are still at my place and I right now don’t have anywhere he could stay and I was wondering if you could help me out?; until I can move Bell’s things so he has a place to stay.”

Carlisle replies “Well, we do have an empty room here since Edward and Bella now live in the cottage that we built them he can stay in Edwards’s room.”

Charlie agrees and says “Okay, I'll swing by and buy him a new outfit the clothes he has on looks like they're going to fall off at any moment; I’ll bring him by their, OK?”

Carlisle replies “Sure I’ll talk to Esme and have Emmett began cleaning out Edwards’s room.”

Charlie says “Ok thanks I owe you one I will see later, by.”

He looks at his nephew and says “The Cullen’s are a good family that Bella belongs to it will only be temporary until I get Bella's room ready for you.”

Dale only looks out the window without responding to Charlie soon they were surrounded by trees everywhere and Dale no longer saw any buildings, they did not talk the rest of the way there.

Until they got to Forks, once they arrived Charlie drove to his house and told Dale to wait in the car while he went into his house and got Dale some clothes that he could wear, the clothes were Charlie's old ones that no longer fit him.

They were clean and consist of a T-shirt and a pair blue jeans and a pair of socks.

Charlie threw them in a sack then walked back to the car he climbed into the car and handed Dale the bag, then started the car and drove to the Cullen’s House, now the Cullen’s lived outside of town in the forest.

Which made Dale uncomfortable because he was used to the city life and never lived in the forest or with trees also there was no sound meaning no trains, no cars, and no loud noises?

It was too quiet for him, still all he could see is trees, he looked at Charlie and replied

“Who are their neighbors Jed Clamped?”

Which made Charlie chuckle, soon they were close to the entrance to the House Charlie said

“Now if I could only find it, I always have trouble finding that driveway; oh, there is.”

With that he drove up the driveway, and Dale saw the House it was a mansion it had three stories and Windows and look really rich. Dale looks at it in shock he replied

“I'm going to stay here?”

Charlie chuckled at his response and replied “It will be only until I get the room cleaned out for you.”

Dale's response was “No rush, really no rush.”

As they drove up the drive to the entrance to the House They both could see Carlisle and Esme standing in front of the front door to the House, Charlie stop the car turned off the engine and climb out of the car. Charlie walked over to Carlisle and they both started talking, Dale just looked all around at his new terrain the house was totally surrounded by trees and The House look like a castle Dale never saw such a big place as he got out of the car he just kept looking all around at the place.

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