TWILIGHT :The New Storm

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And Peter Facinelli

Twilight : The New Storm

Based Characters and story

The Twilight Saga

By Stephenie Meyer

Written by Dale Flannery

Chapter 1, day 1


It all begins on a warm sunny spring day in Seattle, Washington.

People are shopping and communing to and from work, little do they know that teenage boy is running through the mob of people.

He is being chased by a policeman through the streets, the boy is a very shabby individual, and his clothes are faded and worn out with holes in them.

The boy is about 18 years old, and the boy is very fast at running.

The cop is having a hard time keeping up with him.

Suddenly the boy turns a corner and runs down an alleyway where another cop is waiting for him.

He suddenly screeches to a halt and tries to dodge the policemen, but to no avail.

The policeman both grabs him and handcuffed his hands behind his back and takes him to the squad car. They place the boy in the back seat, then the policeman both get into the front seats, then drive to the police station downtown.

When they arrive they take the boy into the police station and proceed to book him and process him, then one of the detectives makes a phone call to his uncle named Charlie Swan who is a policeman in forks, Washington.

Well in forks, officer Swan hears the phone ringing in the police station he walks to the phone and answers it.

The detective on the other line asks officer Swan

“Do you have a nephew named Dale?”

Charlie replies “Yes, did you find him?”

The detective replies “Yes, we found him wandering Seattle, and the reason I am calling you is to ask what you would like done with him.”

Charlie replies “I will come and get him as soon as possible.”

The detective replied “Very well we will hold him here until you arrive, goodbye.”

Charlie hangs up and turns to his deputy and replies

“I have to go to Seattle you think you can hold the fort here?”

The deputy replies “Sure.”

With that Charlie grabs his car keys and walks outside to his car, unlocks the driver side gets in starts his car and drives to Seattle which is a five hour drive.

When he finally arrives at the police station he gets out of his car and goes into the building, walks up to the detective and says

“I am here to pick up my nephew Dale.”

The deputy replies “Sure we have him in the holding pen; I will go and get him.”

With that the Deputy goes downstairs and brings up the teenage boy and takes the cuffs off him, Charlie signs papers that give him custody of the boy then Charlie and the boy walkout of the police station to Charlie's car.

With neither one of them talking to each other, however during the long journey back to Forks they begin talking to one another Charlie looks at his nephew and asks “Why did you run off?”

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