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*curtain opens*

    Welcome, welcome to Mylow book club, a book club that would be fun.
I made this book club for two major reasons.
1)To help people get their books noticed
2)To make friends and interact with other writers wheater good or bad.

   There will be no hating here, only true comments which would genuinely help upcoming writers like me.
FYI, i need you guys as well, No one is above correction.

I hope you guys will enjoy this book club.

I want this club to be different that is why i will add innovations. The password is your favourite colourThere will be three titles in this club which are the book of the month, the best critique of the months, the most creative writer of the month, like i said it's for upcoming writers mostly.

Each comment must be at least 6+ lines, and in each comment, you must use the tag #MLOW and tag your admin.

As we progress i would add new and fun things to the club to spice it up. There will still be a discussion session where we can know ourselves better. It can be wherever you want.
I sincerely thanks those who join this club.

Ps. This is not a weekly book club. It operates montly, because of students

*curtain falls*

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