10 - It

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"How about this one?"

Axel and I have been at the mall for two hours now and he's been buying different types of clothes for me. He's literally doing more of the shopping than I could ever do and it really caught me off guard. There's been different types of jeans, shorts, shirts, sweaters, and even tank tops. But no hoodies. Zip, nada, zero.

"Takeridge you haven't let me pick anything I want to get, and I want to buy it this time," I pouted.

He set down the sweater and walked back over to me, "Babe, you're just going to pick hoodies and jeans and leggings, eventually these injuries are going to heal and I want you to express your beauty from them," he said softly.

Beauty. A word that hasn't been used to describe me in a long time. I've heard 'ugly' and 'slut' for so long that I soon believed them. There was no one to call me beautiful and so I thought there was no beauty in me. Nobody has seen my face, and the only thing Axel has really seen is my broken bruised body, how can he think that I'm beautiful?

I hung my head low and started playing with my fingers, "But what about some hoodies? Can't I buy some hoodies?" I asked, putting emphasis on 'I.' He's been buying everything he thinks I'd like, and I mean everything, it's crazy how much someone could spend on me in one day.

"April, you're not going to spend a single penny on yourself if you're living with me. Got it?" He asked in a serious tone.

I huffed and crossed my arms, "But Takeridge-"

"No buts, now cmon, we have to get you some lingerie," he said while walking away.

I gasped and grabbed his wrist and turned him around so quick I thought I'd give him whiplash, "You're not going to buy lingerie for me are you crazy?" I whisper yelled.

He chuckled and pat the top of my head, "Why not babe? Afraid I might see something I like?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes and punched his shoulder playfully, "No you dimwit I'm afraid that if you end up picking out my lingerie set then your testicles will be across the room, clear?" I said lowly.

Is he crazy? I literally think there's something wrong in his head if he thinks he's going to be picking out some lingerie for me, let alone seeing me in it. What is there to like anyway? My bandages and bruises and scars? They're ugly.

He gulped visibly and stared down at me with wide eyes, "Crystal," his voice cracked.

I nodded my head and we walked side by side into Victoria's Secret and I started looking at the pieces, but never really picking anything up. I didn't want him to keep buying my things for me, and plus I also haven't done a lot of shopping so I don't really know what to pick.

"Babe, are you just going to keep looking around or do I have to pick something for you?" Axel asked from behind me.

I let out a sigh and started picking out panties, thongs, and even a couple of shorts and shirts along the way. When I finally got to the bras, I was stuck.

"Can I help you with anything honey?" A woman with blonde hair and brown eyes asked as she came up to me.

I looked between the bras and the women before whispering, "I forgot my bra size."

Axel stood right beside me with the different shopping bags in his hands and watched as the woman took out a measuring tape and asked, "Okay, it's no big deal, it happens a lot. Just lift up your hoodie a bit and we'll figure it out, okay?"

I nodded my head and lifted up my hoodie for her to see the grey t-shirt Axel had let me borrow. I liked his clothing, it always smelled like hazelnut and I never got used to it. It was like my caffeine to keep me awake.

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