reincarnation of the pollock sisters

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today, 24 percent of americans believe in reincarnation. although scientists tend to pooh-pooh the possibility, every once in a while, an unsolved mystery comes around that is so compelling and otherwise unexplainable that it gives even scientists pause. that is what we have in the story of the Pollack sisters.

in 1957, two young english sisters, Joanna Pollock, 11, and Jacqueline Pollock, 6, died in a tragic car accident. one year later, their mother gave birth to twins, Gillian and Jennifer. when the twins were old enough to talk, they began identifying and requesting toys that had belonged to their dead sisters, pointing out landmarks only their dead sisters would have known (such as a school they attended), and sometimes panicking upon seeing cars idling ("that car is coming to get us!" they reportedly shrieked on one occasion).

after the twins turned five, these incidents became less frequent, and the girls went on to lead normal lives. still, the story of the Pollock sisters made its way to Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918–2007), a psychologist who studied reincarnation. after studying thousands of supposed cases, Dr. Stevenson wrote a book telling of 14 he believed to have been real, including that of the Pollock sisters.

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