Chapter 12

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Hazel PoV
Percy sneezed as we walked along the path to the gates where the horse race was being held, his nose was red and his cheeks were pink. He suddenly ran to the nearest bin and threw up his breakfast. He wiped his mouth and groaned, "I hate being sick." He muttered as Annabeth chuckled, "you just need to rest, Seaweed Brain." Percy shook his head and held a hand to his stomach.

We walked through the gates and into the field. "Ah, I see you're here." We turned around to find the guy who we were worried about, the one who took the gem. "Hey man, what's your name? I'm sick of calling you evil dude," Leo spoke up, Calypso hit him in the back of the head. "The names Liam," he said smirking. "Now, I know why you're here, and i want to make it fun." I looked confusingly towards Annabeth, who growled. "Oh now, stop acting like an animal, I'm just doing this to make it more fun," Liam said. "Now," he said clapping his hands. "We'll have a race? Who ever wins gets the trophy, what's so special about this trophy? The fact that it could sell for millions of dollars and the gold can melt into a weapon which can turn anyone to stone."
"But that's just pure evil!" Piper cried. Liam rubbed his hands together. "Well then, looks like you'll have to win." He grinned turning around before thinking and turning to us. "Also, only the Greeks can ride." He looked expectedly at me and I groaned, Frank grabbing my hand. "And to make it even interestinger... is that a word? Who cares! Now to make it even more interesting, there'll be 6 horses for you to choose from and only one will be the horse you can ride. Toodles," Liam giggles before turning away to his black steed and riding away.

"Me and Frank are out of the picture," I exclaimed sadly.
"Percy is to sick," Annabeth said as Percy groaned.
"I'm sorry, I only can really ride horses that are flying, so..." Jason explained as Leo looked at the horses, "I would do it but after riding with Hazel on Arion, I may have developed a sudden fear." He shivered and Calypso shook her head as we turned to her. "I don't even know the basics of riding a horse." Annabeth spoke up, "I would do it but last night I had a nightmare and hurt my ankle again, the one from Ara- Arachne." She grabbed Percy's hand.
"I'll do it," we all turned to Piper.
We agreed with Piper doing it but we were hesitant, we had all heard of the story from when she was little. She was about 13 and had a chestnut named Shine. She was in a competition in racing when another horse slammed into hers and they fell. Causing death for Shine and a broken rib, arm and sprained ankle for Piper, Piper also went into a coma for 3 weeks. Shine had literally slammed onto Piper, Pipers head hitting the ground first. We all knew the story, that's why we're so hesitant. (I know this isn't true but it's for the book so) Just before she walked into the stable Jason grabbed her hand and pulled her into him, kissing her passionately before saying a few encouraging words to her. And then Piper went in.

Pipers PoV
I walked through the large wooden doors and quickly noticed the 6 horses here, there was a brown paint horse, 2 palominos, 2 blacks and a white horse. I realised the white one was pregnant, one of the blacks was sick and a palomino was elderly. This left the paint, a black and a palomino. I went closer to the palomino and noticed his broken leg, I checked the black and noticed how skinny she was. She was underweight. She wasn't fed and was abused. What helped the accusation was the way she backed up into the corner nervously. I now noticed that all the horses were terrified and realised these horses were being abused. But I knew the Paint horse was the one. I hesitantly raised my hand to its nose and rubbed it gently, it neighed quietly. "It's ok, you're safe with me," I whispered to her, adding a bit of charm speak, before I tacked her up and rode her out of the barn. We got into the little box and waited for the gates to open. I was scared. Terrified. I felt blood pump in my ears and the crowd went wild as everyone lined up, I heard the yelling, shouting, bets being placed and multiple yells of anger for letting a girl race. I was the only girl so I knew the swear words being thrown around were at me.

But I had to do this for my friends.

Then the gates opened and the gun sounded.

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