February 15

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It was February 15 the day I was dropping my album and to be honest we were all just chillin

We were gonna head out at like 6 and get food but I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to. I mean I can't lie wings and fries did sound hella good.

"Fham bare people finna bop to these tracks" prince said

"I'm actually proud of you ya heard? so would Romelo." Prince said

I just looked at the floor and thought about vamp

I looked up at him kinda wanting to cry but smiled

"Yeah I hope so" I got up
"I'll be back imma go piss" I walked away not making eye contact with anyone in the room

Once I entered the washroom I looked at the mirror

"I miss you nigga and- I wish you could be here celebrating this with me yo i can't handle this I feel alone every one misses you" I bring my hand to my face

I started to become filled with sadness and I needed Billie

Brandon: baby when did you say
your interview was gonna be over?

Mamas 💕: I just finished and
I'll be over in like 20 why

Brandon: I just really need you right now

Mamas 💕: baby what's wrong?

Brandon: nun it really ain't
important just do what you need
to do first Ight I love you

Mamas 💕: I'm coming jn

I felt my lungs tighten and my breathing became harder to control my heart started to race and my eyes began to water.

I hear a knock at the door

"Aye que you good bro? Bil said to check on your head" I heard princes muffled voice from behind the door

"Yea" I said not wanting him to worry

"Alright so hurry your ass up my stummy is hurtin I'm finna explode" he said wiggling the door handle

So I had to get up and let him go

"Ew bruh you ain't gon wash your hands shit you be dirty dirty" prince chuckled

"Nigga shut up ion even use the bitch"

"So what was your ass doin in here for so long... hold up you still nasty then"

I looked at him confused

"Actually you be fucking disgustin you jerking off and can't wait till bil gets here" he shakes his head
"And don't even think about touching me" he said looking at me like I had my actual shit on my hands

"Bitch move" I shove him over to wash my hands even though I wasn't doing nothing I didn't want him asking questions

"Yeah that's right bitch wash yo baby filled hands off"

I just glare at him before I dried them on the towel and left

I still didn't feel easy so I walked to my bedroom and sat on my bed and got lost in my thoughts sometimes I just wish I was where ever Ro was. I just wanted to be gone sometimes.

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