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Play the song on repeat for full effect 😌


Ethan's POV

"What do you need Grayson?"

"Yo , you're heading to Kauai. Mary just left she has no security no nothing . It's not safe for her E."

"Are you serious?" I was so confused.

"I guess this is your time to come back together."

"I have a better chance In winning the lottery if you think that ." I laughed .

"I'm serious Ethan start heading over there . She needs you right now her mind isn't working like usual. Her new mentality is scary ." He warned me .

"See you when I come back ." I replied then hung up .

One way ticket too Hawaii.


Mary's POV


Tonight I'm going to sleep so good. But right now I'm going to enjoy the rain . I'm currently sitting next to the huge window on the floor hugging my knees . The beach view is so beautiful.

Rain is so soothing I swear. The sound of it just makes my body release all of the stress . The waves crashing against the rocks just makes this experience even better .

I have a feeling that one of them is going to show up any minute now . I've been gone for a good amount of hours . It's so weird having someone worry about you . It's been so long since i felt that feeling . Ever since I was left alone back in New Jersey I kind of lost that sense of security.



Here we go.

I got up to open the door and there he was in his work clothes . He looks tired and worried at the same time .

"They told me you needed a security guard ." He faced down and scratched the back of his neck .

"Please just stay out of my way and let me enjoy this ." I sighed .

"Uhm... yeah totally." He was nervous.

He made his way inside and went into the guest bedroom.

I went into my room and slammed the door. I just wanted to be alone for once . I guess that's not up to me anymore.



The rain was the only thing keeping me calm .


3 months later November 18

I was currently getting ready for tonight's show at a Hawaiian music festival that was part of coming over here . It was planned months ago. I thought it was funny when Grayson actually believed me that i was going to a mental hospital.

Bretman just left a couple of minutes ago , he was the one who did my make up . My hair was already done . All I needed was to change into my outfit.


"Fuck why did there have to be a back zipper !" I groaned in frustration.

I walked out to see Ethan ready to leave with me .

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