Chapter 7/Mid Arc Special: Non Gender Specific Night

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Maya shrugged, "Okay so then I am kicking you out. Grab whatever you need and go. It's girls night!"

"But that's not fair," Deagan whined, stomping his feet like a child. Seriously. Like a little baby who isn't getting his way. "I wanna hang out too. Painting nails, doing hair, I can do all of that too. I can give advice on boys. Besides Em and Kai love me!"

"Sure they do," Maya replied, putting her hand on Deagan's shoulder as he quivered his bottom lip pathetically. "And besides, what makes you assume we are going to do all that girly shit? Just 'cause we're female we have to spend our time painting our nails and gossiping?"

"No, that's not what I meant! I don't know what you do. I just want to be involved..."

"And I love that you are so open to spending time with your kid and her friend, I really do. But," Maya moved around Deagan, pushing him to the door, "But sometimes we just need a little girl time without Mr. Overprotective around."

"What do you suggest I do with my night then?"

"Like I said, go out with the boys and talk sports or whatever y'all do."

"I hate sports!"

"Boo freaking hoo," Maya shot back. "Just find something to do that's not here for a few hours. Oh and make sure you and Baldur take that dog with you. The last thing I want is to listen to his snarky ass comments all night."

"Fenrir isn't even here. Friday nights he plays poker with his friends."

"Then why don't you join him?"

"Cause that asshole teddy bear, Hagan, is there." Deagan hangs his head sadly, "Also it's at a pub for magical creatures only. Not to mention Fen said I wouldn't be welcome to come even if I was allowed."

"Well at least you got Baldur."

With that she shoved Deagan out the front door, slamming it shut and locking the door before he could react. Sighing, he looked over at Baldur who smiled at him from the porch swing.

"So the crazy witch lady made you leave too," Baldur asked.

Deagan shoved his hands into his pockets, kicking the stair rails, "Yeah, apparently so. Can't even enjoy my friday night."

"Don't be so dramatic," Baldur replied. Standing he threw his arm around Deagan's shoulder. "I'm sure we can find something fun to do."

"What even is fun to you, Baldy?"

"We could go hunting for the Snipe birds Ember and Kai spoke of. I have looked many a night so far and have yet to find these slippery creatures."

"Oh my god," Deagan sighed, slapping his forehead, "This is going to be the most boring night of my entire life."

With Deagan being a dramatic bitch outside, the girls now had the house to themselves. Maya had gone all out to ensure this would be one quote, 'boss night.' Let's take a look.

"What's up dudettes," Maya exclaimed as she burst into Ember's bedroom.

"Maya, what up," Ember shot back as the two proceeded to do their unnecessarily long and complicated handshake.

"I kicked your Dad and Uncle out so we've got the house to ourselves." Turning to Kai, Maya pulled a bag of sour gummy worms from the pocket of her hoodie, "I also brought your favorite. No need to acknowledge how incredibly awesome I am," She said as she tossed the bag to Kai who fumbled to catch it, pulling it to her chest.

"Sweet! Thanks Maya!"

"Anything for my favorite girls. I got everything we need. An assortment of snacks, soda and water, wine, which of course is for me because you two are underage and I am a responsible adult."

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