Chapter 7/Mid Arc Special: Non Gender Specific Night

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Remoh: Mic check one.

Producer: There's no mic, you don't have to check it.

Remoh: Oh... So what the hell am I doing then?

Producer: We brought you here to narrate tonight's story.

Remoh: Without a mic?

Producer: Yes. It's written, so you don't need a mic.

Remoh: Then what on earth did you need ME for? Cause if it's written then it doesn't need a bloody narrator now does it?

Producer: The author thought it would make the story more interesting bringing in an outside voice.

Remoh: Well he must be an idiot.

Producer: That's neither here nor there, but seeing as you are a Greek god of failed heroes/storytelling he figured it would be appropriate.

Remoh: Failed storytelling? I am the god who out told Homer!

Producer: Sure you did. Now can we just get started?

Remoh: Am I even getting paid for this?

Producer: Well you aren't really high enough in demand for a paying gig. We did buy you dinner though.

Remoh: Well if we're all being blunt, I should tell you I think you're an idiot too. Yeah, that's right! You're all *beep* idiots. I hate every last one of you *beep* *beep* *beep* *?????* *Takes a deep breath* There it had to be said.

Producer: ...

Remoh: ...

Producer: So can we start?

Remoh: Why you...

We apologize for these technical difficulties. The scheduled program will be right back.

Three HR sessions and a contract negotiation later...

Barely Mortal Creations Presents,

A Teller Skelton Story,

Narrated by the not failed story teller and Greek god, Remoh,

My Life as the Father of the Devil

Ch.7/Mid Arc Special: Non-Gender Specific Night!

(Well not really mid arc...more like near end of arc, but that doesn't sound as good.)

Hello and welcome to a very special night! I'm your host, the incredibly talented and dare I say extraordinarily handsome Remoh. I am a best selling author and of course Olympian god. Tonight I'm here taking over for Deagan to lend my storytelling expertise to bring you a tale of family, friendship, and a whole lot of bullshit. And yeah, my contract states that I can say whatever the hell I want so get ready. When you see text in italics tonight, you'll know it's me speaking so pay attention. Anyways, tonight we follow the Ryan family and company as they have coinciding nights out/in. The girls taking over the house forces the boys to for once find a way to entertain themselves. But don't let me give all of this 'groundbreakingly original plot' away. Why don't we pop on into the Ryan house and see what all of these little shits are up to?

"What do you mean you're kicking me out of the house," Deagan shot back, glaring at Maya who was utterly unphased by his attempts at being intimidating.

"Don't think of it so much as kicking you out. It's more like actively suggesting you have a boys night."

"Well suggestions can be declined."

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