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After my crisis of crying and wishing she could wake up, the school entirely changed..Many kids were devastated about Blue in a coma. kids were giving prayers and left many cards and 'get well' posters on her locker, it might as well been a prom party there..But the whole school cared for her, heck, shes even popular! Even when she got a useless cold she had so many letters for her to get well, Ruler is somewhat popular as he was the top ten handsome guys at our school. I saw her demon talking with another in the hallway

"Bill this is madness, if she-"

"She's dead Jason. There's nothing to worry about!"

"Even if she wasn't fully rasied from Roseland, she is a threat. We must end her for what her mother has done."

"Well yeah..But do you think shes really that of a threat? I don't think she'll kill the demon race..I think shes-"

"I think?! Bill have you lost your mind? Roseland is a monster. We must kill that child of hers, as revange for what she did to our race."

"Jason, I doubt she'd do so.."

"Bill I swear of bet its that human of yours."

"Its not, Blue an amazing person. But she'd be devastated if she found out her cousin died.."

"Well we must kill her. But she cannot found out that we're going to kill her."

I kept on hearing the conversation and looked at Blue who was still sleeping peacefully, I got up and started to head out of Blues room and kept hearing the conversation, do they really want to kill me? This must be my lucky day. I want into the hallway and looked at Bill, "So..I hear that you want to end me?" I asked and glared at Bill and the other demon, Jason gasped and glared "So you must be Roseland's daughter huh?" He asked and I nod "Yeah..whats so important about her anyways?" I asked as he growled "you exactly know why we demons and angels don't want you here." He said, his voice was dark and was filled with hatred. I sighed,I just gave up in everything..

I just got tired..of this universe..I might as well die. I sighed and looked at the demon and crossed my arms,

"Just do it."

The purple haired demon looked at me shock, "That easy?" He asked and looked at me as if I was lying

"I'm serious. I really don't want to live any longer.." I sighed and took put a sissor from my hoodie and gave it to him,"You must be Jason. Anyways I'm Wolfie." I looked at him and Jason was shocked from this, "U-Uhm..."

"Well? Aren't you going to stab me or something?"



"N-Never mind..you made my job easier.."

"Okay than do it."

Jason looked at me and bit his lip, holding onto the sissor tightly. He was about to stab me, I accepted my fate and closed my eyes. Waiting for the stab someone pushed me out of the way, Jason was wide-eyed and he glared, "A..A bat?!" He said in pure shocked and Bill looked at me, I was on thr floor and saw the little bat and when it turned to human it was Marshall..


Marshall had tears streaming down from his face and looked at me. He was ontop of me, his hands on my wrists and frowned.

"Wolfie you idiot..why would you want the bastard to kill you?!"

"Marshall please, why did you have to come here? And this dosen't concern you!"

"If you're life is at the line, yes, it does concern me!"

"...W..why? Why do you care so much? Vampires and werewolves are enemies! We may be friends but its bad enough that a vampire is protecting a werewolf!"

"..." Marshall stood silent and his face light up into a pink blush and looked off to thr sode and picked me up, "W-Whatever.." He said and glared at Jason. Jason looked off to the side and bit his lip and Marshall left with him holding my hand and Bill was worried and looked at me before I wnet out of the hospital. Once we were out Marshall sighed, "You gave me a heart attack Wolfie..please..please promise me you won't risk you're life for anything." He said softly and I looked down. Having no choice I nod, "Yeah..." I said and he sighed and kept walking to my house and knocked on the door, Ruler opened up and looked at me, "You're neice was at the hospital..and we'll she almost got hurt..so I decided what was best fir her and took her home..I hope I wasn't bothering." He said and Ruler gasped and hugged me, "Alright..thank you so much!" He said and Marshall took his leave. Ruler took me in and hugged me as he showered me with kisses, "Oh dear, I hope your okay!" He said, "I-I am!" I said with a slight giggle


I'm not.

I really want to say "I'm not Ruler..okay? Blue's in a coma for crying out loud. Without Blue wheres my story, no, wheres my place? Without her I would of been invisible. You don't understand that my life is hell. Everything was, you don't understand when your mother dies from giving birth to you and you're blamed for it and titled as a 'mistake' when you're being abused physically and mentally as a child. When you have a sick cousin who loves you more than a family member, more like a soulmate. This generation truly sickens me. I want everyone to die. This world is rotten and so am I, suffocating everyday, You should be lucky i'm even alive."

But I can't..I just can't..I have to put a mask over my face and say..

"I'm fine..!"

But its not..


Jeez..i had no motivation recently- but hey I did it! Anyways I hoped you like it (even though its cringy-)

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