Case of the Missing Technology

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I was staying at safe truck-stop for the night before over to the address I was given after what I heard happened Janie's kinswoman, Melanie Jayne. Now, how the fuck is like that was almost beyond me until I remembered similar cases, including my own. Anyhow, I opted to stay at truck-stop for the night, didn't feel like driving with my panel truck that was diesel powered during the night. I had already converted the back into an office. Still, I had information that was being withheld from the public about what was going on in the media. I had gotten contact with Janie, who was still distraught about the idea what was bound to happen. I was kinda of a skeptic despite being a supernatural fan. 

Still, I needed to focus. Like Melanie, I wasn't a smoker, so I went to suck on a lollipop like it looked like I was smoking. I looked over the information I was handed over, all about some kind of plot straight from an anime I watched in my teenage years. Yet, the media made it sound like Melanie and four other committed a murder, which even the police started to get suspicious. Being a trained hacker, I broke into the information of the police in that area where the murders took place. There was no records of any arrest, no records of contact, and the investigation death of the victim was ongoing but didn't appear to be violent... let alone near where it took place. It was later found, the victim was having sex with a random stuff animal, which turns out to be a secret fetish, while listening music from the ladies. 

Later, the ladies given a letter from the victims's family, thanking for making the final moments the happiest despite being the situation. The person had been depressed for far too long and decide to listen to their music but got carried away and handled the meat too hard, resulting in a heart attack. The police wasn't sure what was going on since it was simply to find some lookalike if one really goes for it.

Sure enough, one officer had done a DNA test with one of the samples belonging to Melanie and the crime scene. There wasn't match, the ones taken didn't even match. The police were just as stump as there was nothing against them. By all accounts, the police were starting to believe something wasn't right when they pulled over one of them, Emma. Victoria, Geri, and Mel followed after. They were interrogated, DNA tested, and given a lie detector. They were all placed in custody, but the police did so by their request as they were looking for Melanie. She was missing. They knew something wasn't right and feared for their lives. Now, what in the fuck does the media thinks they're murderers unless they murdered Melanie? 

I paused for a few moments to think about the situation until it donned on anyone with a brain of two things: They're close to Melanie, so the rules out murdering her and knows she has daughter, Scarlet. It was understandably be out of the question, as why would anyone want to kill a mother. It didn't add up, and the police was asking that too. It was clearly obvious that the paparazzi was making it up for some reason, and the police along with others playing along. It sounded fucking bullshit, but I guess you need to throw off the press.

This was where I had to come in, as one of the many friends of Melanie, Jay, had came on to the media, trying to dispel the rumors even some on social media was growing suspicious. Despite this, the news about murdering a random person seem to be more of a media. However, there was one thing I knew Melanie had a lot of that her lookalike didn't. I had noticed that the lookalike was watching wearing a jumpsuit, which didn't odd since Melanie had been seen a lot in a tracksuit. Yet, I noticed some features, and finally, got a look on the lady's bare right arm and confirms what many was asking. I knew Melanie had a tattoo there, which the lookalike didn't have... at least, real ones. I noticed the ink that was used to make it look like Melanie, along with poor drawing, even a person with an neuro-developmental disorder, like autism in my case, can spot a counterfeit. 

It looks more like someone was using a marker found in a dollar store and drew the tattoos.With this information, I had to do my own detective work. I was eventually able to hack into any camera system that were active during the moments leading to the likely kidnapping. Looking at the last date Melanie was sight and location, I had to analyze the footage on the probable devices I had with me... any clue on whatever happened to her. It was a brutal practice, not to mention the crack of dawn I had started. Yet, I got a few messages on my smart phones, they were telling me about what the lookalike. I didn't let them in on it, because I wasn't sure if she was willing to go with it or not. I didn't give up on the footage and found what I was looking for. Since he was still trying, I had to talk with Jay.

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