Chapter 1

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The wind blew, cursing every leaves on each tree to shiver. The bush was in motion, the cloud grew darker, some flowers began bending, the grasses happily welcome the drops of rain as the stimulate like waves.

Close to the bush lay a frame house with a cabin and a white pickup truck.

"Grandpa let's go" a fifteen years old white hair lad whined, standing behind his huge grandfather, who was busy with the dishes.

"It windy, and is about to rain, we can't go out," the white bearded man said, not removing his gaze from the sink.

"But is just windy, nothing else" James persist.

Tony sigh, "are you sure?"

"Yeah! Is not ganna rain,"James had a big smile plastered on his face but, the smile faded when bigger drop of rain hit the roof producing loud sounds.

"What where you saying?", said Tony looking at the white hair lad with a raised eyebrow, who was speechless.

"I..uh..em.. go to my room" said James running to the stairs. He plopped on his comfy bed after shutting the door of his room, he stared at the ceiling. how I wish the rain will just stop, then I'll urge grandpa to take me out, so we might resume our archery training. James thought to himself with a smile. His eyes started getting heavy. I'll close my eyes just for a second, he said with that he drifted into a peaceful sleep.

"James dinner is ready!" Tony screamed from the kitchen but heard no sound of footsteps running. Normally James will run the stairs, screaming yay! He decided to go check on the him, he tiptoed to James room, so the lad won't hear him coming. He cracked the door opened, to see James sleeping peacefully. He couldn't help but to smile at that. His mother would always sleep when she was a kid. He returned to the living room deciding to let James rest.
He sat on the couch reaching for the family album. He stared at the picture of James's late mother Annabel. He grab the chain around his neck. If only James knew the truth about his father and who he is. It will be a less burden than it is now. Tony thought

"Grandpa?" A sleepy voice echoed in the room.

Tony quickly closed the album, stuck the chain in his shirt. "James you're awake" he said nervously.

"Yeah" said James while rubbing his eyes.

"Come here" Tony opened his arms, James chuckled but couldn't refuse the worm hug, he ran straight to the arms of his grandpa. They stayed like that for some minutes before breaking the hug.

"Okey, let's go eat then will go to the bush. That rain have stopped" Tony said

"SURE?" James screamed with sparkles in his eyes.

"Yep, but after eating. Deal?"


After their dinner, they went out for archery, James did great, he's been practicing with tony his grandpa since he was a kid.

James armed his arrow at a flying bat. "I won't miss this, he's mine" James whisper to himself before releasing the arrow. It passed through some tiny holes, till it hit the bat, piercing its heart.

"Yes!" James jumped with a satisfactory smile.

"Wow James am proud of you; you perfect in archery now" Tony said with a smile.

"Thanks grandpa, I owe this to you" James said looking at the dead bat, when he didn't receive any response, he turn his gaze to Tony. He noticed tony was looking around the bush suspiciously. "Grandpa?"

"Hmm?" Tony hummed, looking at the white hair lad.

"Are you okey?"

"Yeah let's go, I have a bad feeling" Tony grabbed his bow and arrow bag.

"But we are- "

"This place is not safe" Tony cut him off, grabbing his wrist.

"Why didn't you allow me to end my game?" James questioned once they were save in their house.

"Go to bed James" Said Tony while replacing the arrows. James was confused at first but decided to shrugged it off. He went to his room after glancing at his grandpa one more time.
Once James was gone, tony sank on the couch with his hands on his face. He pulled out the chain and froze, he didn't stop wiping his face. "This is not good" he whispered to himself staring at the chain that was glowing a little.

James yawn rubbing his eyes. He dragged himself out of the comfy bed, he walked to the bathroom, took a shower and brushed. He grabbed a black skinny jeans, royal blue T-shirt with a red hoodie. He stood in front of his mirror brushing his white hair.
"Why do I have white hairs?" He dropped his brush before grabbing his backpack and jogging out. Tony always drop him at school before going to his morning delivery of furniture.

"Good morning grandpa" James greeted the white bearded man, who was serving the pancakes.

"Morning James" Tony said not bothering to smile or looked at the lad. James sat on the arm less chair a little worried.

"What's wrong grandpa?"

"Nothing" Tony lied not meeting James eyes.

"Why do you look worried?" James asked staring at Tony.

"I'm not! Now eat your food!" Tony said sternly

"You are! If you're not, why did you council our archery then?" James half yelled

"SHUT UP JAMESON!" Tony yelled and bang his fist on the table, glaring at James.

The lad was surprised his grandpa had never yelled at him before. "You are mean!"

Tony stopped yelling realizing what he said, but it was too late, James grabbed his bag running out of the house.

He raised his hood, before grabbing his bike and riding away. He rode as a tear rolled down his cheek, he quickly wiped it. After 30 minutes he stop in front of his school, parking his bike in the bicycle pack.  Making sure his hood was up. The kids in school can't stop calling him names when they see his white hair. He didn't stop thinking about what tony said as he walked in the hall.

"Hey jerk!"

He stopped to see a blond boy in a grey sweat and a blue jeans, it was Derick, his worst enemy standing with his arms crossed he had a smirk. James rolled his eyes.

"Leave me alone, Derick!" James huffed.

"Look at who's talking" said Derick as he move around James, the students in the hall stopped to look. "Start by dying you hair black, your white hair is very ugly!" Derick spat, everyone in the room blurted out, "ooh."

James clenched and unclenched his fist. "I don't care!"

"Grand daddy, leave my way" he shoved James to the floor, his hood fall to his shoulders his white hair was exposed. Everyone gasped before laughing hysterically. James got up walking away, he pulled his hood back. The remaining hours of school went smoothly for James hiding from everyone. He didn't have a friend. Who will like to be friends with a white hair kid?

James rode away. Instead of going straight home, he decided to stroll in the bush close to his frame house.

"Grandpa yelled at me for no reason, Derick mocked me because of my white hairs, why can some people mind their business?". He said while kicking a little rock. "Am tired of my white hair!" He said through gritted teeth, kicking the rock a little too harshly. The rock went straight to a little bush of leaves, suddenly there were movements every were. James looked around in fear, his fear grew bigger when the movement was coming from a particular bush. The only thing that popped in his head was the ' what ifs ' mind trick
"What if is a black panther?!, what if it kills me?, what if grandpa dies curse he was sad about my death?, I don't wanna die!"

Just then a black thing sprang on him.


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