Part 3

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Jack POV:

I woke up the next morning crazy nervous because of Zach.

"Did he here what happened last night?" I questioned to myself and left the bathroom to see Y/N awake and getting dressed.

"Hey beautiful," I said as she put her shirt on.

"Hi," she said and looked at me.

"Zach came looking for you," Y/N said and sat on my bed.

"What he say?" I asked and sat next to her.

"To go meet him in the basement," Y/N said and got up.

"Where you going?" I asked and she grabbed her purse off my gaming chair.

"Out with the girls Christina wants to have a girls day with Tate," Y/N said and gave me a quick kiss before leaving. I sighed and left my room too, to go meet Zach.

"What do you want Zach?!" I said walking down the stairs of the basement.

"Baby boy you know damn well what I want," Zach said and walked over to me when I got to the bottom of the stairs.

"Zach how many times do I have to tell you Im happy with my girlfriend," I said and zach stepped closer to  me.

"Are you really tho, knowing I could make you even more happy," Zach said and lifted my chin.

"Zach..." I got cut off by Zach's lips on mine. I kissed back and he pushed me onto the wall. We made out up against the wall only parting away for air, but that only lasted 3 seconds. Finally Zach stepped back and looked at me. My breathing was heavy and my eyes never left his.

"Want more?" Zach asked and I slowly nodded. Zach ran up and locked the door before leading me over to the couch where we undressed and he gave me something I have never felt before. It was actually good. My moans filled to basement walls as Zach worked his magic on my penis.

"Jesus Zach Im close," I moaned out and Zach kept going till my fluids filled his mouth.

"Damn Zach," I said out of breath and Zach smirked.

"Thats only the half of it baby boy," Zach said and flipped my body over.

"Woah Zach what.." I was cut off again by a moan and Zach entering me slowly. Zach slowly moved until I was alright with him to speed up. When he did I think I was moaning so loud the neighbors could hear. 


"I know you loved that," Zach said and pecked my lips. 

"That was different," Zach looked down. "A good different," I said and Zach kissed me again and we made out for a couple more minutes till a knock came from the door.


I wrote this on a computer at school so prey for me. Also if the format seems different that's why.

(surprisingly this wasn't the weirdest thing I have written)

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