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Marinette's P.O.V.

I felt my breath becoming even faster and more racked as I started to space out from reality as tears unknowingly started to fall from my eyes. I just covered my mouth as I didn't want to hear anyone hear me crying, I just wanted to go home and sleep forever.

"Marinette! Marinette! Calm down!", Tikki tried to calm me down but it was only making me feel worse, I just opened up my purse and let her fly in, before opening the door of the bathroom stall with full force as I was about to run out of the girls bathroom.

Suddenly I was stopped as I felt something grab my wrist, and then pulled me down on the floor with full force. As my head slightly hit the unforgiving marble floor, I heard two familiar laughs as my blurry vision could somehow see both Lila and Brie laughing their asses off at me.

"Leave the fuck alone!", I yelled at the both of them in anger, as I stood up and was about to run out but they blocked my way, making more tears escape my eyes and cascade down my cheeks.

"Now you see what we are both capable of, don't even try anything else to stop us because it won't work", Lila threatened me as her evil smirk naturally crawled on her lips, and then Brie pushed me to the ground.

"Hey slut, if I were you, I'd hang myself tonight and make everyone's lives even better", Brie ridiculed me as she faked a noose wrapping around her neck and crying, and both she and Lila had bursted out laughing as they both walked out.

Tears just poured from my eyes as I just sat there for a few minutes, I started to run out of the school as I heard people calling my name, insults or even laughing at me, mainly because of Brie and Lila had posted all over the school.

I felt my body bump into someone, "I'm sorry", I quickly apologized but I didn't look at them as I was too ashamed and afraid to hear what they would say about me. I kept on running until I reached the outside of my school and then into my house through the backdoor.

I made my way to the living room and then my bedroom, quickly closing the trapdoor before letting all the tears fall out and a loud sob escape my throat. I was letting it out here and now, because no one but Tikki was here, but it's ok though, I trust her because she's one of the people that I will openly cry in front of, besides Alya and a few other people as well, but I know that our friendship is officially over though.

Normal P.O.V.

The window of Hawk Moth's lair started to open as his white butterflies started to fly in the blue and white mixed pale faded light as he stood in the center of the room, feeling negative emotions reign through his body.

"The feeling of being exposed wrongly, being betrayed and being targeted, such as anger, such pain, such sadness, this is perfect", Hawk Moth happily smirked to himself as a white butterfly flew in his hands and he turned it into an akuma.

"Fly away my akuma, and let this pained soul come and feel the glory of the darkness", Hawk Moth told the akuma, as it flew into the city of Paris and then reached the Dupain Cheng household.

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