Chapter 1: The Awkward Introduction

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Tyler's POV

I moaned, deepening the kiss while my hands frantically attempted to grab hold of the banister so we wouldn't fall down.

I lifted her up with one hand, and grabbed the bottom of her left thigh, trying to hint that she needed to jump or this banister was gunna bring us both down like the titanic.

She finally got the hint and jumped up, securing her legs around my waist without breaking the kiss.

I carried her up the stairs and fumbled with her bedroom doorknob before finally getting it and pushing open the door.

Dropping her down on her bed, I got on-top of her but before we could escalate, we heard a loud thump and a groan.

"Mggrmdm." Some random person grumbled, whimpering in pain.

"OH MY GOD!" Jessica screamed, frantically trying to pull her half naked self together and go help the aiding person that was currently off the side of her bed, with profanities fumbling out of her mouth like a second language.

"OH MY... Wait... Winter?" Jess asked, bending down in attempt to help the poor girl up.

"BRUH, why the HELL am I on the floor?" The random stranger- well, I guess, Winter- bellowed, ignoring Jess's hand and pulling herself up.

"Tyler, the lights!" Jess called, helping the girl to her feet. I switched them on and turned to face a girl that was about the same height, and looked to be same age as Jess.

Her hair was a long natural curly fro, and her face covered by her hand that now had a trickle of blood coming down from it.

"Shit. Winter! Winter! Can you hear me?! Winter! Please don't die on me!" Jess screamed, shaking her dramatically.

"Jess... Take your hand off me. Now." The girl growled, her voice raspy. I only noticed now just how tense she was, clearly not enjoying Jess's touch.

"S-sorry. I- I forgot you don't like- sorry. Oh god your bleeding! Tyler, come over here and hold this towel to her head while I go grab the emergency kit!" She ordered, rushing towards the door while throwing me the towel on the way out.

I'd never really seen Jess act like this with anyone before, besides her father.

I hesitantly walked towards Winter, so I was finally standing in front of her wile she was seated on the desk, holding her bloodied face in her hands.

When she acknowledged my presence, she slowly let her hands drop and looked up, eyeing me with such a glare, It scared me.

"What are you looking at?" She sneered.

I only now realized just how breathtaking she was. This close, I could see the faint freckles on her light, caramel skin. Her plump soft lips and jawlines that were sculpted to perfection, looked like something straight out from a magazine.

But then her eyes.

They were this gorgeous pale blue that anyone could get lost in. They were both the calm be ogre the storm and the storm itself as the black pupils dilated.

"I-I..." I stuttered, holding the cloth next to her wound, trying to indicate that I wanted to help stop the bleeding from the nasty cut she had on her forehead. She must have slammed it into the wall.

"Give me that." She growled, snatching the towel from my hand and pressing it to her head.

"Well then. My apologies for trying to help." I grumbled back, finally coming to my senses and putting a bit of space between us.

"It's fine, some people just don't know better." She replied hopping off the desk and walking towards the door with the now bloodied towel in hand.

"Go up to her room" he said. "No one will disturb you" he said." She grumbled to herself, opening the door and walking out.

"What the actual fuck just happened..." I asked to an empty room. I wasn't sure what stick she had had shoved so far up her ass to make her this angry about an accident.

I glanced back at the bedside to notice a dent in the wall.

Jesus, she must have it that really hard.

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