Split Between: Life and Death

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                                              Split Between: Life and Death


Life consists of little pleasures. But it also consists of giant disasters. Of course my life has to evolve around the second one. But sometimes great disasters may hold tiny pleasures. 



My eyes fluttered open on a Sunday morning of January 3, 2007. I twisted around to see that my clock said 10:32 a.m. That wasn't unusual I mean it's Sunday! But I didn't know that this Sunday will be one I would never forget. My name is Dakota Robinson, and i'm no ordinary seventeen year old teenager. 


  Chapter 1

I rolled out of bed, half asleep and got ready to go to the mall with my family. What I knew back then, this was one of the worst things a teenager could do, go to the mall with their family. But, now I miss worrying if a boy liked me, or if I was going to make it to a party on time. I jumped into the shower, the hot water felt good and it woke me up. I zoned out for a while and my whole shower wound up being over an hour. I dried my hair and put on my favorite outfit, my simple black sweater, and grey skinny jeans. I straightened my long black hair and lined my big green eyes with eyeliner. I applied blush to my high cheek-bones and slipped on my black flats.  

Everyone else was ready by the time I got downstairs. Why must they be such early birds? I trudged over to the counter, got a bowl and filled it with cereal and grabbed a jelly filled donut. 

"Somebody is in a jolly mood today, aren't we?" My step mother started.

"It's too early!" I exclaimed 

"It's 12! In the afternoon.

I grunted, "Yeah, too early!"

I didn't have a good relationship with my step mother. My mother died, in a plane crash while going on a business trip. Which left me, my dad, and my twelve year old sister mourning for her. After a while my dad got lonely, and became separated from us. So we made him start going out and getting dates. Not one of our best ideas. He got married to Lucy, and she became Lucy Robinson. I have no idea what he sees in her, she is mean, and she is always going out to who knows where. She claims she is going out with the 'girls'. I never said anything to my dad, he seems a bit happier now. 

I ate the rest of my breakfast in silence until I finished. We were ready to go by the time I was finished. We piled into the van, my dad in the driver seat, Lucy in the passenger side, and my sister and I in the back. Even though it was the beginning of January, I kept my window all the way down, and smell the things the world has to offer. We live on the Country side, and the scents consist of, freshly cut grass, sweet breezes and newly baked pies. Soon we were out of out little town and on the parkway. 

"Blue one!" My sister Jessie yelled and punched me in the arm. 

I wasn't too sure why she did that, and I doubt I wanted to know. Every time I asked her something like that, she would go off on this giant lecture about it. But my mouth refused to keep shut. 

"What the heck was that for!?" I screamed

She started to blab, but I shut her out. My dad started to turn around to tell her to be quite.

I saw it coming, and I think Lucy did too considering her glass breaking scream. The truck that was going to wrong way smashed into the front of our car at full force. We flipped, tumbled, and went plummeting down a hill. The last thing I remembered was getting slashed deep in the face with glass. Then everything in my body felt numb, I heard my dad shouting my name and telling me to stay awake, but I couldn't and everything went black. 


* Chapter 2 is on the way! Review please? This is just the beginning, it gets a lot more intense! 

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