30. they all fall down

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[ 30. they all fall down ]
T A E H Y U N G⚠️

i'm not ready i'm not ready
i'm not ready i'm not ready


Football practice consists of a lot of slurs, shoves, and dirty looks from all of his teammates, but Taehyung doesn't care— he's used to this already.

He has expected this to happen, in fact, it's inevitable. Taehyung didn't care his opportunity to be team captain has been revoked. He didn't even bat an eyelash when his teammates kicked him out of the lockeroom, too afraid that he would prey on them.

As hard as it is, he keeps his head down and mouth shut. It's pointless trying to argue back for rights that didn't exist in the first place. Nobody here is willing to change their minds overnight.

Often would he be shoved roughly, or someone would add more force than necessary to a tackle. The defense around him would fall, leaving an opening for the opposite team to ram right into him with full power.

It's tough, and the coach doesn't care that Taehyung's being brutally tackled by players twice his size. Taehyung, luckily, can take on their weight but that doesn't mean he's immune to concussions.

The coach, however, looks the other direction and shoves the blame on Taehyung for not starting a play properly. Of course it's the gay kid's fault.

"Get off Kim. Jason, you're up," He gestures at Taehyung to leave the field, though his eyes never meet his. Like everybody else, he's afraid. Afraid to look at the gay boy because he might get sick too.

"Faggots like you aren't meant for sports," Jason shoulder-checks him hard when he passes by. Taehyung doesn't stumble back, instead, he holds his ground. Jaw tightening, he licks at his dry lips.

"Thanks," Taehyung replies, keeping his voice low. Everyone's eyes are on them, wondering what's going on. A couple of the boys on the field even curse at Taehyung to stop holding Jason back.

Taehyung tries his best to remain unbothered, but it's practically impossible for one person to endure so much pain. The edges of Jason's lips curl into a knowing sneer, and God,  Taehyung just wants to punch him in the fucking face.

"Rapists like you belong in fucking prison," He spits back. Jason's smile falters slightly, his eyes widening a little. He flashes him a frown and elbows his side before walking off and taking his position.

It goes like this for the rest of the practice. They never let Taehyung off the bench despite Jason's average ability at being a quarterback. Every one of them knows Taehyung is better, but of course, they say nothing since he's gay.

To them, gay kids can't play sports. They're too feminine, weak, and delicate. They're basically girls and playing sports is simply an excuse to touch other boys. Taehyung bets he'll probably be out of the team when a mother finds out he's gay sooner or later.

"Kim!" The coach finally calls his name after what feels like eons. Taehyung scrambles up onto his feet, clutching his helmet but he notices everyone else is heading to the lockers.

"Run five laps. I don't need to explain to you why, right?" He orders, flatly. Taehyung's an idiot for thinking he even has a chance anymore. He nods stiffly, throwing his helmet to the turf to run while everyone else changes.

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