27. red and blue

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[ 27. red and blue ]

i'm back and i missed you all
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The last few days leading up to prom has been a living hell.

Jason's not letting him go so easily. Taehyung's spent his days by his side much to Jeongguk's confusion, though Grace and Justin already know. His new routine has been the same: stay by his side, nod along to what he says, and join him at the Lake.

He's seen things nobody should ever see, heard things nobody deserves to hear, and did things he regrets all because Jason wants to hurt Jeongguk. It's not worth it to some, but Jeongguk's safety is priceless to him.

Jeongguk's happiness is his world, and there's no way he's letting some ignorant asshole take that away from him.

"Want one?" Jason offers him a cigarette, while lighting up his own. "Everyone needs a little stress reliever, but I suppose yours is sucking cock," He chuckles when Taehyung shakes his head, keeping his expression straight.

After school it's one of their habits to smoke in the parking lot and exchange alcohol in little flasks. Later when they reach the Lake, Taehyung would follow them into the main cabin and watch them snort lines of cocaine, which at this time is a popular recreational drug.

Cocaine is cheap, easy to get, and everyone in hollywood uses it so of course teenagers like them would want to experience it. Taehyung doesn't use it—he's smarter than that. Everyone else does though, and once they're too high to function, Taehyung witnesses the worst.

The Lake isn't as pretty and innocent as adults are tricked into thinking. Behind the dark, clear waters and beautifully crafted cabins beneath a foliage of pines are secrets. Secrets buried so deep within the facade teenagers have put up, it's impossible to uncover them unless you experience the Lake firsthand.

Drug usage, gang rape, alcohol abuse, underaged sex, smoking—you name it. There's no church-related activities like the sons and daughters of church families claim there to be, and every single rule they've been taught ceases to exist.

Sin draws people in, stripping them of their morals and promising them a rush of freedom that they'll 'never get' anywhere else.

Sure, it's a risky chance to explore beyond the four walls their conservative parents have built and live the teenage dream glamorized on television screens.
Who wouldn't take it?

Fulfilling temptation and committing sin is the taste of rebellion every teen craves in this town. It's like a 'fuck-you' to their parents, but the moment you grow addicted to the thrill, there's no possible escape.

"You don't need to go to the Lake with us after school, Kim since we're all heading tonight," Jason interrupts his thoughts, breath reeking of alcohol and nicotine—not a good mix.

"It's prom, and I guess you deserve the afternoon," Jason says jokingly, elbowing his side.

"Great to hear," Taehyung says sarcastically. He slips his hands into his letterman jacket pockets, ready to leave the place and go find Jeongguk, but Jason grabs his shoulder.

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