2• Dreaming Reality

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Chiron had been right– even with Hecate's help the jump to Number 12, Grimmauld place had seeped all the energy from Nico's being. How "fun"... I get to struggle. I'm so pleased... The sarcasm was strong in his thoughts.

Nico's vision was blurred, like someone had sprayed water on glass and he was attempting to look though. His nerves were on edge, sending painful shocks crawling maliciously in his skin, and Nico's head felt like it would explode.

Nico grimaced, ashamed at how weak he must seem until he realized the only person at his side was Will Solace, his one true polar opposite; he attempted to laugh bitterly at the stupid situation but ended up coughing instead. He scowled, all amusement gone–something was terribly wrong.

As Nico tried to scout his surroundings, all he could scrape up were a mix of lights, darks and browns. The demigod couldn't dig up any clear images.

Nico's voice didn't work. The words he tried to say died at his lips and forced their way down his throat. Worry started to smugly peek its head around the corner of his mind and it danced it's way into his senses.

Anxious, Nico tried to seize control of his emotions and hide the pain he was in. It was all overpowering and the hurt dug out a pair of memories he had desperately attempted to delete. His memories from Tartarus.

All Nico could do was shake his head, and try to concentrate on something else, anything to escape, but he could feel the scenery around him changing. He could feel the terror dig its nails into his back, and the memories clouded his sight. He could see the flames again and the disgusting monsters, along with rotting blood.

Nico couldn't scream. Nico couldn't run. Nico couldn't escape like last time. He was dead. He was doomed. This time he was going to get the bad ending– the ending where pain and death dwelled. Despair bent Nico's mind and the boy knew he couldn't stand any longer. This demented memory he was stuck in didn't want to end and he swore he could hear Hazel and Reyna screaming.

"Please.... no more," A few words managed to slip though.

Maybe if I just close my eyes... the burn will go away, everything will just disappear. I'll wake up to Bianca, to Hazel, to Reyna, to Will, to Percy, to Annabeth, to a beautiful dream. This nightmare will be gone. If I just sleep, if I just give up. 

By the time reality broke Nico's haze, it was far to late.



Harry had been calmly walking down the stairs, feeling beyond guilty, when they came across two people sitting on the living room rug, like they had been there all along.

"Nico! Nico! Wake up!" A blonde one was shouting, his voice cracking at the end of his pleas, and his hands were visibly trembling. "No.. No.. No..." He cradled his companion's face gently.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Harry made sure to grip his wand as he yelled at the two teens. Who were they? But more importantly, were they death eaters? Did they bring harm?

The blonde turned his head, and laid the other boy on his back.

His face was shiny with tears and he had a wild look in his eyes. The look of a grieving animal. An animal driven mad with grief.


Just one word. One simple word was all the blonde gave them before he turned his back on them again, examining his fallen partner.

Fury twisted inside of Harry; The teen had just turned, left his back wide open with armed wizards behind him, and he didn't even glance back at them. It was like he was mocking them– daring them to curse him. It made Harry want to strike him with a spell more than ever. To show the stranger he wasn't going to be made fun of.

He growled, raising his wand, until a warm hand brought his down.

Mrs. Weasley. She shook her head at them, making her way towards them slowly. She stooped beside the kneeling blonde.

"Dearie, what happened?"

The blonde looked up at her, surprisingly smiling. "That's exactly what I want to know."
He narrowed his eyes, smile dissolving. "You're Molly Weasley." It was a statement, not a question.

She nodded, kneeling beside him. "And you're Will Solace." Mrs. Weasley laid a hand on the dark teen's forehead. She frowned.

"He's burning up." She took out her wand. "Let me heal him first don't worr–"

"No! Get that thing away!"

At the sudden explosion of noise, Harry leapt to his feet along with Ron and Hermione behind him, ready to defend Mrs. Weasley.

"Will" was panicking– anybody could tell. The way he was nervously eyeing Mrs.Weasley's wand like it was a venomous snake, and how he dove to wrap his arms around the black haired boy protectively.

The only question Harry had at that moment was why? Why was Will so frightened of Mrs. Weasley's wand or, better yet, magic?

At that moment, the wizard decided; Harry didn't trust them. Not one bit.

They had gotten in, breaking all the protective charms put by Moody, Lupin and Sirius. One of them had just collapsed, fainted, out of the blue. The other one was terrified of magic.

There was also the fact that they were in the Order. He clearly remembered what Hermione had said– that a pair of foreigners, a Will Solace and Nico di'Angelo, were coming because of the Order. The fact that they– complete strangers coming from the other side of the world, that could break through protective charms like they water, that looked the same age as Harry– could get into the Order while Harry himself couldn't, it outraged him.

Harry was going to get to the bottom of this.

That was a promise.

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