Changes 2

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      later that day when i was sitting on vio's bed reading a book. when she came in, she looked at me, out the door then back at me.

    "hey mass, when did you get here?"

    "shawn" i said without looking up"

    "ahh please dont tell me you had a make out session on my bed or even in my room."

    "uh, nope we were in his" i said galncing up. the next question she asked really caught me off gaurd.

   "do you have any other friends then me and shawn?"

    "what"? i asked. when she repeated the question i put my book down scooting to the edge of her bed."well, yeah. i did. right before i left to move he , or we got into a fight. i was being niave and childish and something happened. so, i guess i lost him."

    "oh mass, im so sorry" vio said sitting down next to me.

      "knock knock knock" said shawn coming in. "you guys wanna join me and ty for pizzzzzaaaaaaa?"

     "ever heard of waiting after you knock?" said vio. i smirked and shawn attacked me, making me fall back on the bed.

     "OUT" vio said.

      "its ok vi-vi. yes sha-shawn we'd love to." vio glared at me and i just smiled and shrugged. she knew i knew that she liked ty, it was obviouse to me.

    later when we walked through the doors of bravos the first thing i saw was sam. i tensed up and shwn who had his arm around me noticed.

     "you ok?" he whispered in my ear. i nodded.

    "hey vio-lette" he put an very pronounced 'ette' on the end and she cringed. "shawn" he nodded at of course shawn. and i though he skipped me but no he came up to me put his arm around my waiste lead me away from shawn and said in my ear "hey mass, how are you. why are you hanging out with them.?" i pulled away.

     "sam look your cute and all but i dont know" i shrugged at him and walked back to vio and shawn.

    later that night when i was over at vio's i was lying on the floor in my sleeping bag, when i started to cry. im not sure why, maybe it was because i was so confused. or maybe it was because i missed home. no not the home down the street but home home. where i had lived since i was born. and i missed owen. owen had always been there for me. now he wasnt.

    "massie? are you allright?" said vio coming in. 

    "yea i guess i just iss home. i miss owen."

     "hey girly girls, u guys conking out? i was wondering uf you wanna watch a movieeeeeeeeee" said shwn coming in. "oh, massie, whats worng? he asked. he came and sat down next to me, pulling my upper body into his arms. this was the closest i felt to two people before. vio rubbin my back in circular motions and shawn holding me.    

    (sorry guys im at writes block. please PLEASE tell me what i should do next. and also email me at or leave me a comment and tell me what you think. AND ALSO tell e what you think. :D thanks XD

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