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Lisa's sitting on the bedroom vanity while Jihyun fixes her hair for her wedding. Lisa couldn't help but felt anxious after what just had happened yesterday.

Just then, they hear a knock at the door and Namjoo enters the room. "I'll see you in the backyard..". Jihyun whispered and gently patted her on the shoulders.

Jihyun gave her mother a smile before heading out of the room.

Leaving Namjoo and Lisa alone, Namjoo stood behind Lisa, placing her hands on her shoulders and looking at Lisa's reflection in the mirror. "Can't believe you're going to marry my son..". Namjoo said with a proud look on her face.

Lisa smiled but obviously, it's just a force smile that she put.

"Oh, Jihyun must forget about the necklace". Namjoo said after walking forward to the vanity, reaching out for the Emerald stone necklace in the jewelry box.

Lisa looked up to her reflection in the mirror once Namjoo gently clasping the necklace around Lisa's neck. "I was thinking if you'd like..". Namjoo started, and Lisa could hear that her voice is a bit nervous. "Maybe we could head down your way for the holidays this year".

Lisa smiled. She didn't expect that Namjoo offered to travel over to spend the holidays with her in Seoul, it was touching for her.

"That would be nice..". She mumbled in agreement. "Maybe we could come to you, too".

"Well, that would be lovely". Namjoo replied. After that, she watches Lisa in the mirror and smiles. "You look beautiful, Lisa..".

"Thank you..". Lisa said with a shy smile across her face.

"Alright, let's go. Everyone is waiting outside". Namjoo said and assisted Lisa to get on her feet.

After that, both of them walked out of the room and headed to the backyard to begin the wedding.


All the relative's members gather outside the backyard and eager to see Jungkook finally get married to Lisa. Jungkook stood beneath the shade of a big tree in a black suit and tie.

He couldn't help but felt anxious.

Not long after, the music started to play and everyone began to stand up on their feet and Jungkook's eyes immediately look towards the aisle and watch Namjoo linking Lisa's arm, earning a stare from everyone who captivates by Lisa's beauty even Jungkook too. Her wedding gown along with the necklace from Namjoo, making her more stunning.

After Namjoo and Lisa approaching him, Namjoo headed back to her seat in the front row with her husband, Mr. Jeon, Jihyun and even Jimin who watches his brother in a displeased look.

When Lisa already stood in front of him, Jungkook tries to hide his surprise, seeing how beautiful Lisa in his eyes一 Her wavy blonde hair held back in Rose gold floral crystal with her few loose strands hair.

She gave him a small smile at Jungkook before minister, Hoseok start.

"Everyone, please be seated".

After everyone took a seat, their face already filled with a smile, waiting for them to prepare for the vows.

"We are gathered here today to give thanks and to celebrate one of life's greatest moments. To give recognition to the beauty, honesty and unselfish ways of Jungkook and Lisa's true love in front of family and friends". Hoseok spoke, causing everyone smiles except Jimin. "For it is their family and friends who taught Jungkook and Lisa to love. So, it is only right that family and friends are all一".

Hoseok was cut off when Lisa raises her finger up causing him silence.

"Do you have a question?". Hoseok asked quietly.

"No..". She stuttered quietly.

"Your hand is up".

Everyone turns to Lisa, wondering what she's doing.

"Um... it's not a question, but I do have something I need to say".

"Lisa..". Jungkook said quietly but his voice sounds stern.

This wasn't a plan at all, Jungkook thought.

"Can it wait till after?". Hoseok asked but Lisa shook her head.

"No..". She said quietly then turned to everyone in front of her.

Jungkook lowered his gaze and his eyes squeezed shut, feeling tension. He knew what she's going to do. He knew if she did this, she's going to humiliate herself.

"Thank you all so much for coming out. I.. have a bit of an announcement to make about the wedding. A confession, actually".

"No, don't do it, Lisa..". He muttered and his head remained hung low.

Everyone looks up to them, waiting for Lisa to make some announcement. Meanwhile, Ryo watches them with a recorder in his hand.

"I'm an Australian with an expired visa who was about to be deported". She confessed, causing Namjoo, Mr. Jeon, Jihyun frowned except Jimin who watches her calmly since he knew the case already.

"And because I didn't want to leave this wonderful country of yours, I forced Jungkook here to marry me".

Jungkook looked up to her. "Lisa, stop it一".

"See, Jungkook has always had this extraordinary work ethic. Something I think he learned from you". She commented, looking at Mr. Jeon who let out a small smile. "And for three years, I watched him work harder than anyone else at our company. And I knew that if I threatened to destroy his career he would, he would do just about anything".

Everyone in the backyard didn't expect this coming. They thought, this going to be a perfect day since Jungkook had been home and brought her fiancé, meeting with everyone. But on the inside, there's a hidden secret between them.

"So I blackmailed him to come up here and lie to you. All of you". Lisa continued, causing a tear that dwelled on Namjoo's eyes while Jihyun tried to comfort her mother.

"And I thought it would be easy to watch him do it. But it wasn't. Turns out it's not easy to ruin someone's life once you find out how wonderful they are". She said then turned to Jungkook's family. "You have a beautiful family. Don't let this come between you. This was my fault".

"Lisa...". Jungkook sighed. He doesn't want to let her go just like that and wife-less in front of people.

"Jungkook..". Lisa turned to look at him. "This was a business deal and you held up your end but now the deal is off. I'm sorry".

She gave him her bouquet and dashes down the aisle then stop when she reaches Ryo. "And you meet me at the subway station".

Everyone even Jungkook watches Lisa leaves the backyard as Ryo followed her from behind.

To be continued on chapter 12一

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