Journy to Spooky Island

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No one even breathed as David towered over the campers as they sat by the fire.
"The thing drew closer," He said sinisterly, "With its inhuman breathing, and claws clicking against the floor with each step... Desperately, The young boy pulled the sheet off the creature to reveal... THE DOG THAT GOT TANGLED UP IN HIS LAUNDRY! Booooo! And THAT'S why you should always properly fold and put away your laundry."
Everyone had a very apparent look of boredom on their face as David finished his poor excuse of a ghost story.
"Well, uh, it was scary when it happened to me. I was VERY innocent and impressionable back then!"
"...So, last week." Gwen asked
"Face it David, you're still innocent and impressionable." Mal said, "Why do you think I don't let you hang out with Max?"
"What's scary is how much I wanna kill myself now." Max growled, earning a firm punch in the arm from his twin.
"What did I say about the suicide talk, little brother?" Mal teased.
"First, we're twins. Second, there's no way in hell you were born before me." Max insisted.
"Uh huh, proof please."
Max just started muttering curses under his breath.
"Why don't you just ask your parents who wa-"
"OK! Moving on!" Mal said quickly before Max had the chance to get angrier.
"Okay, okay, I got this." Gwen said, helping Mal change the subject, "So once, there was this girl, that no one really understood-"
"So help me if this involves vampire romance." Max interrupted.
"I-it could have been werewolves... You dunno!"
"Here's a horror story. Go look at the job market you're dealing with after this camp shuts down." Max rebutted, causing Gwen to make what could only be described as a look of impending doom.
"So, nothing scares you, Max?" Space Kid asked as Nikki gorged herself loudly on marshmallows, "Not even... ghosts."
"People in sheets got me concerned but, nah."
"Yeah, where the hell does that whole white sheet thing even come from?" Mal added. Max just shrugged.
"What about you, Mal?" Nikki asked, mouth full.
"Not really, unless you count social interaction. But, then again, I'm not really scared of it. I just seem to forget how to do it around people I don't know."
"Amen, sister." Neil said with a smile and shot her finger guns.
Mal happily returned the finger guns.
"What about space ghosts-eh." Space Kid paused and grabbed his stomach, "... oh-that's strange. Uhh, mission control, I don't feel so good."
Everyone turned to look at Space Kid as his face morphed into concern only for a squirrel with an eye patch to burst out of Space Kid's suit like an alien from... well... Alien.
Everyone screamed in horror as it emerged and ran off, except for Max and Mal.
"Wait a minute!" David said, trying to regain his composure after screaming like a girl... again, "How is it that you weren't even fazed by THAT?"
"Might've helped if I hadn't watched Max put it in his suit to begin with." Mal said, shooting a glare at Max who just smirked.
Mal sighed and walked over to Space Kid. She sat down and rubbed his back soothingly as the boy tried to calm himself down.
"Alright, tough guy, So you think you're so-" David paused when he started to hear moaning in the distance. "Tough? Wh-what do you think about that moaning and wailing?!"
Max scoffed.
"Pssh, it's just teenagers from that church camp working on those repressions again. Not that I know anything about it, just being a kid and all."
"AHHHH, what about that ghost ship?!" David yelled, pointing to the pirate ship shrouded in green mist in the distance that creaked with sinister wailing.
"Pirate camp's practicing night sailing." Max and Mal said in unison.
This was confirmed when a distant 'Arrr mateys' was heard.
Just then, everyone heard the rustling of leaves.
"Uh, guuuuuys." Neil said as a hint of worry seeped into his voice.
They all turned to the source of the sound to find a nearby bush shaking as if something were pushing through it.
"GUYS!" Nikki said in panic, hugging a seemingly very calm Mal and knocking Space Kid to the floor in the proces.
"Please be a puppy, please be a puppy..." David started chanting with crossed fingers.
The rustling continued as Nikki, Neil and David all waited with baited breath.
"What the blue ball blazes is happenin' here?!" Quartermaster yelled as he burst out of the bushes.
Everyone besides the twins started screaming again and Mal patted Nikki on the back as she started hugging her tighter out of fear.
"Oh! Phew!" David said, wiping a bit of cold sweat from his brow, "Hey, Quartermaster."
"Someun' out here killin' campers?" The old man asked.
"We're fine, QM." Gwen told him, "We're just having some good old campfire scary stories is all."
"So... no dead campers then?"
"Nope! We're good!" David responded.
"Dang." The Quartermaster mumbled.
Everyone blinked in confusion but didn't dare say anything.
"And to be sure; no one's doin' anything stupid, like trying to get over to SPOOKY ISLAND." Lightning crackled as he said his with wide eyes for emphasis.
"What! No, of course not!" David said quickly.
"Not even on the night of the new moon, right? When ghosts walk the island, an' demons rise from the pit, an' aliens kidnap any trespassers an' probe their tender-"
"Ohohohoho, okay..." Gwen cut the man off, "We get it, don't we kids?"
"...Anuses..." he continued anyway, "...I was gonna say "Anuses."
Space Kid groaned and everyone looked down in shock. Most of them had forgotten he was there.
"What's with Space case?"
"Squirrel-splosion." Max answered, nonchalantly.
"Ah. So the revolution has begun..."
everyone stayed silent for a moment.
" he planning on explaining further?" Mal whispered to Max.
"Unlikely." He responded.
"Well, best be gittin' you back to the camp for a rabies shot." Quartermaster finally continued.
David and Gwen each grabbed one of Space Kid's hands and started dragging him back to camp.
"Aww, not again." He whined.
Once the counselors and the boy were out of sight, the Quartermaster turned back to Mal, Nikki, Max and Neil.
"Heed my words: You better stay away from Spooky Island, no reason to go there, definitely not spooky, stay awaaaayyy...." He slowly backed back into the bush he had previously popped out of and disappeared from sight.
"...You think he's hiding something?" Nikki asked.
"Uh, YES?" Neil said as though it were painfully obvious.
"Most definitely." Mal added with a nod.
Nikki gasped in what her friends assumed was a crazy conclusion she had just invented.
"What if it was the ghost he was talking about! Could you IMAGINE meeting one!?"
"Most impossibly." Mal said.
"Yeah, Nikki." Max agreed, "Ghosts don't exist. You die, and then you're faced with eternal nothingness... it's gonna be great."
"HOW DO YOU KNOW! YOU'VE NEVER DIED!" Nikki argued, getting in Max's face, "Ooh, could you imagine being the first person to find a ghost?!" She paused to gasp, "Or a MONSTER?! You'd make the cover of Science Magazine!" She finished, turning to Neil.
"Hey, that's a magazine about science!" Neil said evidently.
"SHUT UP!" Max demanded.
"The basic gist of what Max was probably about to say is right guys." Mal cut in before Max could start cussing their friends out, "The probability of ghosts and/or monsters being real is pretty damn low and, even if they do exist, people have spent their whole lives looking for these things and failed. Us finding or running into any of those creatures is almost guaranteed to never happened. There's nothing to be scared of."
"Exactly!" Max said with a look of 'couldn't have said it better myself, "And we're gonna prove it..."
It had been surprisingly easy to steal a boat and drive it to Spooky Island.
Once they hit shore, Nikki jumped out with a smile.
"Come on, spook hunters!" Nikki adressée her friends, "Let's hunt some spooks!"
"Don't say that..." Max said, touching his hand to his forehead.
"Do we actually have a detective team name now?" Neil asked.
Nikki's eyes lit up.
"OH! We need a theme song!" She stated, pulling out a small gizmo and beginning to play a spooky song on it.
She only got about a verse in before Max swiftly whacked it out of her hands with his ore. Nikki looked shocked as Max walked passed the broken device.
"HEY! Do you know how hard it is to find a good pocket theremin!?"
"I'm counting on it." Max muttered.
"Look at it this way, Nikki." Mal said, putting a hand on her friend's shoulder, "We don't wanna make to much noise or we could scare the... ghosts away."
Nikki's eyes lit up in realization before being swiftly shot down by Max.
"There is no ghosts. Now focus! Unless that's your back up singer, we've already got company." Max pointed to a moving bush with his ore.
Everyone held their breath for a moment before a boy with sandy blond hair emerged out of the bushes with a scream.
"AHHH!" The boy yelled.
"AHHH!" Nikki and Neil yelled back.
"Who the hell are you?" Mal and Max asked in unison.
"Me?" The boy asked, seemingly regaining his composure, "I'm Jasper....But who are you? What are you doing here? This is the last place you want to be on a night like this... Real spooky night. Terrible creatures seek out the mansion, and the wailing... Oh, gosh... the wailing... And then the bumping in the night starts, and they bump, and they bump, and... Hey, where'd you go?"
Jasper looked around to see that the new arrivals had already continued on without him.
"Whoa.." Neil said, looking up at the house before him.
It was old, or at the very least, not well cared for. Broken windows, peeling pain, dented shudders. It looked like a typical haunted house.
"...What is this place?" Nikki asked.
"Campbell's old summer home probably." Mal answered.
"Looks like it." Max agreed.
They all looked up at one of the windows to see something large and hairy silhouetted by darkness within the frame. Lightning cracked and it was gone.
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!??" Neil asked, positioning himself behind Mal.
"I told you dude!" Jasper said, finally catching up to them, "There's THINGS in there."
"Like monsters?!" Nikki asked, "I knew it!"
"Wait, are you guys here to help stop the monsters?" Jasper asked, "Are you like a gang of mystery solvers? Like the Harlem Globetrotters?!"
"...Pretty much." Nikki said.
"Oh wow, you guys got a theme song?"
"We're working on it."
"Look, man," Max said, "you're kinda ruining our dynamic. We're a comady QUADRETTE."
"Besides, there's nothing inside." Mal continued, trying to be more gentil, "We wouldn't want you getting hur-"
"THERE'S SOMETHING INSIDE!" Neil shrieked, pointing to the window again.
The creature was back.
"A MONSTER!" Nikki yelled.
"Yawn." Max said, boredom dripping from the sides of his mouth.
"WE'LL SEE WHO'S YAWNING WHEN WE'RE ALL DEAD!!" Nikki scolded him before running into the house.
"Why would we...?"
Nikki kicked open the door and assumed a fighting stance.
"ALRIGHT, SASQUATCH! LET'S TANGO!" Nikki yelled into the house.
The girl walked in to allow the other's access to the door before getting on all fours and growling. Everyone else slowly went inside only for lightning to crack and make Neil and Jasper scream as the lights turned off.
"Calm down, the storm just tripped the power." Max told them, taking out a flashlight.
"Aww... If only I had my L.A. gear light-up shoes..." Jasper complained.
"They light up the night!"
"It's alright." Mal whispered soothingly to Jasper before turning on her flashlight.
However, the moment the light flickered to life, it put the face of a ravenous mammal with sharp teeth and claws!
"AAAAAAHHH!" Everyone but the twins screamed.
"It's a stuffed bear." Max said.
This time Max was the one to turn on the flashlight and reveal a terrifying animal.
"It's a SECOND stuffed bear."
"That seems redundant." Neil said.
"Yeah and I think endangered." Mal added.
"Let's just get the power back on." Neil said as he started to wander off.
"Right! We shall not waver on our quest for the undead!" Nikki announced.
Max groaned loudly.
"Nikki, there is NOTHING here!"
All while this happened, Jasper seemed to be interested in a certain statue and reached out to touch it. Not even a second after he did, the stone shifted and some sort of contraption caused the wall Neil was inspecting to spin and move him to the other side of it. The nerdy boy let out a yelp as he was spun around.
"Neil!" The three friends yelled in unison.
"The hell'd you do!?" Max demanded as Mal ran up to the wall and tried to move it by force.
"Don't have a cow, man." Jasper said with a look of dejection, "I'm just tryin' to be a part of the gang."
"Neil! Can you hear me!?" Mal yelled at the wall.
"Oh my god, you guys have to get in here, quick!" Neil's voice said from behind the wall.
"Neil, what is it?" Mal asked as they all appeared on the other side of the wall with him.
"It's... beautiful..." He sighed.
The room was filled with test tubes, machines, and other scientific equipment.
"A lab!" Neil beamed, "Do you know how long it's been since I was in a real lab? This is where I wanted to be this summer! Oh, my sweet science!"
"Weird science, more like." Max said before grabbing a sheet, "Check it."
He pulled on the white fabric, making it fall to the floor, and also revealing the horror show previously hidden behind it. Everyone but the twins screamed at the sight before them. Dozens of tanks inhabited by various twisted and contorted forms and creatures decorated the walls. Once this was brought to their attention, they looked around some more only to scream even louder. Deformed rodents, sewn together parts, morally questionable plans. This was a mad scientist lab if they've seen one.
"Poor thin-" Before Mal could finish her pitying sentence, Neil exploded.
"ALRIGHT!! THAT'S IT!!! I'M DONE!!!" He threw his hands in the air.
"You can't go yet!" Jasper pleaded, "You still have to rid the Island of the EVIL!"
"Yeah, come on Neil," Nikki agreed, "shake it off! Don't lose your sense of ADVENTURE!"
"I AM NOT ABOUT THIS SHIT, NIKKI" Neil yelled, gesturing to the various things in the lab, "SCIENCE HAS ITS LIMITS!"
"Don't be so naive." Max said, clearly bord, "This is mild experimentation at best. Do you have any idea what goes into fast food?"
Max stopped to look at Mal as she kneeled next to a nearby tank with a weird, rat sized, tentacle creature.
"Probably that." Max finished, jabbing a thumb at it.
The wailing was heard again and Nikki let out a gasp.
"The tormented souls of the dearly departed!" She spoke, "And look! A trail of hair and blood!"
She pointed to a stairway leading down and went to investigate before Mal grabbed her hand to stop her.
"Nikki, enough is enough." Mal told her with an assertive look, "Neil is traumatized, you're acting crazy, and not only is no one having a good time but there's NOTHING HERE. You're just going to get disappointed."
"Besides." Max added, "It's just going to be a wounded dog, or some other coincidental, colossal waste of time!"
Nikki grinned.
"You're just sca~ared!" She teased, booping Max on the nose before running down the stairs.
"GOD DAMN IT NIKKI! YOU AREN'T LISTENING!" Mal yelled after her.
"And we're not scared!" Max added, arms crossed, "I feel like we've established this by now."
Everyone went after Nikki as her chipper voice echoed through the narrow stairway.
"The twins are sca~ard! The twins are sca~ard! The twins are sc-" and then it stopped as Nikki kicked open the door to the room at the bottom of the stairs and froze. Her skin when pale and her whole presence seemed to deflate as she stared, wide eyed, into the blood stained torcher room that stood before her.
"Oh jesus fucking lord..." Neil whimpered as he, Jasper and Max all entered the room.
"Welp! We made it, Nikki! Are you happy now?" Max asked with a hint of smugness.
"Hate to say we told ya so Nikki buuuuut... we definitely told ya so." Mal said.
The tan skinned girl put a comforting arm around Nikki in hopes of calming her nerves but the girl just let out a weak 'Idon'twannabehere'.
"You know what? On second thought, maybe the evil's unstoppable." Jasper. Said with a nervous smile, "We should all go home. We could... play some Pogs! Forget this ever happened!"
Neil nodded as he forced himself to smile as well.
"Yeah, Max. Let's get outta he-"
"Oh, no!" Max cut her off with his obvious acting voice, "We have to find "Ghosts and Monsters," remember?"
"Max, come on! This is way too spooky..." Neil whined.
"No, it isn't. You know what this is? Proof that the founder of Camp Campbell is a rich piece of shit with terrible morals. And who also potentially kills people!"
"Max, those are all things you were already pretty sure of." Mal interjected.
"True. BUT, now we have proof."
"A-actually...." Jasper put a shaky finger up, only to be cut off by the sounds from before.
The all turned to the source to find a door. A wooden, beaten, and battered door.
"The hell I can!" Max said.
The boy began to approach the door with a firm glare on his face.
Mal let out an irritated groan and joined her brother by the door as he began to scold their friends.
"There is no such thing as monsters!" Max yelled.
"There's no such thing as ghosts!" Mal added, both of them grabbing the handle of the door.
"And there. IS NOTHING. TO BE. AFRAID OF!!!" The said in unison before turning the handle and pushing open the door.
"Don't!" Jasper yelled.
But it was too late.
Everyone looked into the bright room.
"I WARNED YEEEEEOOOOUUUUU, CHIIIILLLDD!!!!!!" The Quartermaster yelled.
(No I am not going to describe this scene)

(No I am not going to describe this scene)

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The kids just stood there for a second. Time slowed down as Mal's jaw dropped and Max's eye began to twitch.
No one really remembered how they got on the boat back to the camp because they were too busy taking in everything they had experienced that night. Mac and Mal had not stopped hugging each other out of pure horror.
"Ruined my night. Probably next one too." The Quartermaster grumbled with a towel around his waist.
"Guess that goes to show that sometimes, the only thing scarier than monsters and ghosts... Is real life." Jasper said as he watched his new acquaintances leave, "...Specifically old people having sex. Weird, kinky sex. In a dungeon. Boy, that is... That is some dark shit. Anyway..."
Jasper gave a small smile as his ghostly body disappeared into nothing.

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