Shameful secrets

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The room was quite dark, a guard at each exit, even in front of windows. The Council Chamber of Fanelia was intended to be highly solemn.

Van was at the end of table. Behind him, a huge coat of arms was carved on the wall. The young man was wearing beige pants, gray shirt and a violet jacket closed at side by the traditional golden striped belt.

On his left, was seating Luyren, an old general who looked serious. His hair was cut short and strict, as well as his beard.
All went well with his small glasses, which betrayed visual acuity lost with age. He wore a beige tunic, maintained by a traditional striped belt alternating green and gold.
He was the doyen of the generals. He had inherited the responsibility after the death of his elder brother, Asona, during the attack of Fanelia by Zaibach.

Beside him, there was the general of the Skull army, newly created after the Great War of Gaea to better represent some tribes who had defended the country's borders during this difficult time.
And his somewhat graying beard collar, Mayek, whose stature impressed more than one, had everything of the veteran proud of his long career.

Faced with these two elders, stood on the right of the Sovereign, Yiris and Hylden. The latter was the youngest of the group of soldiers. He had recovered the patronage of the Claw army from of his father, Yurizen, who also died in the destruction of the city, there were more than ten years ago.
Everyone found him a great resemblance to his father when he was young. Moreover, to complete the filiation, the son had studied medicine too.

While the subject should have been the review of the campaign led by Van and Yiris, the discussion tackled directly the case of Alexandre.

"Your Majesty," Mayek began with firmness, "this man would only be a creation of our enemies, maybe surviving sorcerers of Zaibach! Don't forget that the bodies of two of the leaders were never found."
"It's not wrong," Luyren said with a calmer tone, "that the resemblance of this man with your deceased brother, the Prince Folken, incites to mistrust. I suggest to continue to keep him under close surveillance and interrogate him to know what he could hid... If he hides something..."

His arms crossed, the young King listened to the speech of his men. Even after a night of thought, he still didn't know what to think about this man.

Since he had met him, he saw his brother constantly through him. It was not only the appeance, Alexandre had undoubtedly attitudes that reminded Folken before he joined Dornkirk.

Indeed, the young man had a charming smile, elegant gestures and softly and calm voice. These elements characterize perfectly Folken of the time, before having to accomplish the ritual of the dragon hunt, he was the one who made fall down all the girls of Fanelia with a glance.

Seeing his Sovereign silent, Mayek allowed himself to persist.

"Your Majesty, what do you want to do?"

Van looked up and spoke to Hylden.

"What do you think?"
"To be quite honest, Your Majesty," the young man answered with his soft and singing voice, "I don't know what to say. Of course, the resemblance to the Prince Folken requires us to be prudent but is it reasonable to condemn a man on the simple fact of his appearance?"
"You're a dreamer, my poor boy!" Mayek replied. "We can't ignore the threat! I have led many clashes with my tribe and the enemy may be even more insidious than anything you can imagine!"
"In this case," Hylden continued, "I don't think the most subtle was to take this appearance that can't be ignored if we actually have an enemy in front of us."
"On this point, he isn't wrong!." Luyren noticed, amused. "Since this man came, we became even more vigilant against anything that might be suspect."
"Well, you're not going to preach to wait, Hylden!" The graying general said, angry.
"Yiris, your opinion?" Van interrupted.

Remembering what had happened a few moments earlier with the mirror, the young woman leaned her head back with a sigh before rising on her chair, putting her fists on the table.

"II agree with Hylden, although I can't refrain from be wary of this Alexandre. That said, for the moment, his only crime is, in fact, is his resemblance with Folken..."
"Hylden and Yiris share the same opinion, I'm not even surprised!" Mayek noticed disdainfully. "We see that you lack experience of the war and the enemy."

Yiris's face darkens. She launched a dark look at her interlocutor.

"You know what I did to my predecessor at Irini, so you have to doubt what I'm capable!"

A little disturbed, Mayek don't respond. He resigned himself, understanding that his opinion wasn't the majority one.

"Well!" Van said. "Exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures. Yiris, knowing your fighting skills in close combat and your agility, I entrust you the supervision of Alexandre. You will remain always with an eye on him and if you cannot take him with you, make sure that a good ten experienced soldiers are watching on him."

The announcement of the decision provoked little mocking laughs from other generals, particularly Mayek. Yiris, thunderstruck, tried to protest.

"But, Your Majesty, anyway, I'm not a sentry!"
"Right, but you're an efficient bodyguard, therefore I take this skill! You must preserve the life of this man at any cost as long as I don't give you the opposite order."

Feeling that any claim would be vain, the young woman felt back in her chair, under the amused glances of her confreres...
And saying that in less than an hour, all the city would be aware... The next few days would be especially unpleasant!

Finally, the Sovereign stood up, the generals immediately did the same.

"Well, the agenda is closed, I'm leaving" He said with a smile "I want to go visit someone!"

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