Exceptional guests

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The return trip was long. Hitomi, Meinmet and Alexandre were installed on horses, whose reins were held by a soldier who walked before them.
On the front of the convoy, Van was talking with Yiris and some others servicemen, probably important officers.

Alongside guests, Constantin rode alone. He didn't speak and was content just to make a mocking smile to Alexandre soon as their eyes met.

Several hours away after, as the sun began to decline, the group finally arrived to Fanelia.

The city was such that in the memories of Hitomi. The royal castle hill overlooked the town built in a rocky area which access was protected by a heavy wall.

Meinmet was very moved to see again this place. He detailed the city, focusing on the changes, but above all, he didn't hide his joy to finally return back home.

After crossing the town under the acclamations of the people, the troops finally reached the palace esplanade.
Hitomi didn't have the time to dismount that a scream made her turn.


She saw running towards her a young cat-woman with long pink hair. No doubt, it was Merle. However, she had grown up but was still easily recognizable!!

The two friends held in each other's arms before going to cry for joy to meet again after so many years.

"I swear to you, Hitomi, when I received the message from Lord Van this morning, I couldn't believe it. You will see, I followed his orders carefully, you will have a comfortable apartment! I collected a lot of clothes, the most beautiful of the city, you can choose what you like! You will also have a nice room and lots of servants. You ask, you get everything you want quickly!"

The guest didn't have time to answer that Merle led her inside, leaving Meinmet hilarious and Alexandre always incredulous. He couldn't believe he had seen a cat-woman!

After this strange scene, the two men dismounted. Alexandre looked around. The feeling of being in a familiar place he had since his arrival on Gaea grew stronger and stronger.
Nevertheless, things were still unclear, no picture, just some sensations.

Servants approached them and bowed to Meinmet before invited him, with Alexandre, to follow them in order to have a light meal.


Warmth reigned in the room, Hitomi, who had always loved taking baths, was overjoyed.
Perfumed essences invading the atmosphere, she had a small pillow toput her head ... It was far from the rudimentary comfort of the archaicbarrel in the camp the previous day.

Around her, ten servants were busy, under the orders of Merle. All werevery nice and relaxed, away from the fixed ladies of Asturia who Hitomihad deal with ten years ago.
Everything took place in a friendly atmosphere with laughs andheckling, the servants asked many questions to Hitomi about the Moon of Illusions.

Merle, for her part, led her troupe with efficiency under the amused eyes of her guest who was savoring a cup of tea and some fresh fruit, while relaxing after her hours of travel on horseback, in hot water.

"Well, now, Hitomi, Merle announced her hands firmly on her hips, we're going to get serious: we'll have to find something in order to dress yourself! I warn you, you have the choice! It was difficult in a few hours but I could find you some fifty different dresses that you could wear."
"Fifty dresses? For me?"
"Well, as that, you will find necessarily something you will enjoy! Finally, in the immediate future, it will be nightdress but I look forward tomorrow! Lord Van was very strict on this point, you should be treated like a Queen!"

A Queen ... Hitomi felt a little confused with that word. Since their reunion, she hadn't have a conversation with Van, too busy with managing the affairs of the country.
But, after to the warmth of his embrace and his words, she realized he looked forward her return. How to tell him she was there against her will?

The defile of clothes changed the ideas to the young woman. She saw presented before her multiple outfits, all following the same pattern, typical of Fanelia: a dress with, above, a breasted jacket retained by a huge belt tied in front.

Merle herself was clothed in this style. Her yellow dress, which was very short, appeared under her black top tight at the waist by a pink and black belt.
Looking at her more attentively, Hitomi smiled seeing that the young cat-woman had always her old nail file pendant around the neck ...

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