Academy Lovers: Chapter 1

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Andrew's POV


"I'm gay."

Silence... no one spoke one word in the room.

"Mom? Grandma?"



"Say someting, please." I begged them.

More silence.

"Ok, i get it. I'm going to my room and I'll pack my stuff." With that, I went up the stairs to my room, so I could start packing to get the hell out of this place, in the one I felt unwanted.

I can't be here anymore. I'm not wanted in this house.


Why did I have to tell them the truth? Now I have to get  out of here. I finished packing al in less then 15 minutes. I didn't have that much cloth anyways.  In that time, neither my mom or my grandma came to talk to me. I'm so heartbroken. I thought that they loved me no matter what, even if my sexual preference is not considered "right". I guess I was wrong...


So I went back down stairs and I noticed that Mom and Grandma were still in the same place, looking like they just had seen a ghost or someting.

"Mom, Grandma, ...I'm going now...Farwell."


I didn't get one "good-bye" or "don't go" or "we love you no matter what" Just mere silence. Though it didn't surprise me after the first 20 minutes of that.


I sighed and went to the front door. When I was in front of it, I felt a pair of wrinkled arms go around my waist.


"We are sorry honey. Don't go; we were just in shock. Don't go, please. We love you." my grandma told me while hugging my back.

"Yes, sweetheart. Don't leave us; you are the man of the house and my only son. I love you, gay or not. It doesn't matter. We love you for who you are." my mom said while crying her eyes out.

Now I was crying too. I mean, how could I think that they didn't love me? I'm so stupid.


M SOO SORRY THAT I DOUBTED YOUR LOVE FOR ME! I'M SORRY." we cried like a babies for like half an hour, untill it was time for dinner.


"Mommy, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead Andrew. What do you want?" she said while she ate her rice.

"Can I still go to the all boys academy in Germany?"



Well i'm starting to hate the silence



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