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Giggling, wet kisses, soft moans, and sweet whispers echo through the studio bathroom as two dancers embrace their alone time together. One's sitting on the clean countertop and the other's standing in between the seated one's legs. They have their hands all over each other.

It's a bit of a thing: making out during breaks in a place where no one's around. Obviously someone could walk in any moment, but the two men have been alone together for five long minutes. Just having each other is enough to help them cope with their stress.

They've been together for three years. They've been through moments where they needed a break but they never officially broke up. They've always been loyal to each other despite needing space after heated arguments over the pettiest things and because their bond is just so strong, they've been wearing matching eternity rings that they haven't taken off for two years.

In the middle of a heated make-out session, the bathroom door swings open and in walks the dance captain, Namjoon. The two lovebirds immediately pull away and they look at their captain, sheepish smiles forming on their faces. Namjoon sighs heavily, not even able to be mad, and motions the two to follow him back into the studio.

"She's announcing the dancers," Namjoon informs the lovebirds as the three make their way into the dance studio.

"Kook's getting the solo. Joonie said he can feel it in his titties," Seokjin says in a joking manner, though he's hoping his boyfriend will get the solo.

Namjoon laughs, playing along by nodding his head.

"Screw the solo. When is a same sex pair ever getting the duet? It's always a guy and a girl dancing to some sappy love song," Jungkook rants, holding Seokjin's hand. "I want to do the duet with Jin."

"I can confirm Jungkook's got the male solo, but I don't know about the duet and groups. I tried convincing Miss Josephine to give you two the duet but she said no. I'm really sorry, guys," Namjoon apologises sincerely.

"Don't apologise. It's not your fault," Seokjin says with a smile, rubbing Namjoon's back soothingly.

Namjoon sighs, still feeling bad because he truly doesn't have much of a say in dancer selections even though he's the dance captain. The studio head is quite strict and she gives Namjoon little freedom to make decisions as dance captain. Sometimes she even takes credit for his ideas.

"Now that everyone's here, I'm going to call out the dancers for each dance," Miss Josephine, the studio head, announces.

Seokjin gives Jungkook's hand a gentle squeeze and Namjoon clasps his hands together, hoping for the best.

"The male solo goes to... Jungkook!" Miss Josephine says, a bright smile on her face.

Everyone claps and cheers for Jungkook, to which Jungkook responds with a nod of acknowledgement and a smile. Seokjin pecks Jungkook on the cheek, proud of his boyfriend. This isn't really a surprise to anyone because Jungkook's been getting the male solo a few times in a row for local competitions but it just proves how great a performer he is. He's not just a strong and versatile dancer, but his stage presence is out of this world.

"The female solo goes to... Ariana!" Miss Josephine announces, smiling at her daughter.

The other dancers aren't half as enthusiastic when cheering for Ariana because they don't really like her, but they still clap and cheer to avoid causing any unnecessary drama. Everyone knows how biased the studio head is towards her daughter. Ariana always gets the female solo, just like how Jungkook always gets the male solo, but the other dancers are quite used to it by now. They were hoping for a change at regionals since it's going to be their first time performing at a somewhat major dance competition but looks like Miss Josephine won't ever change. Many dancers even left this studio due to the blatant favouritism but some of them returned because this is the easiest one to get into and it's also quite cheap compared to other studios.

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