8 - Pizza

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Axel pulled into the parking lot of a building I was all too familiar with. Whenever I couldn't deal with my wounds myself I would have to go to a professional to fix me up. And I know I sound kind of crazy because I didn't come here when Merideth broke my ribs and cut my stomach, but trust me, I've been through worst.

"What are we doing here Takeridge?" I breathed out.

He looked at me as if I were stupid, "Are you high? We're here to fix you up babe," he answered.

I rolled my eyes and carefully opened the door as much as my sore body would let me. Axel appeared out of thin air and opened the door wider for me and helped me get out.

I limped towards the clinic doors before I was swiftly lifted off my feet and carried bridal style towards the doors. "You have to stop doing that. I can walk Takeridge," I mumbled.

He shushed me and walked through the door and set me down on a cushiony sofa. He went up to the woman at the desk and said a few things I couldn't hear from my distance. She jumped up from her seat and poked her head from behind the counter until her eyes landed on me, "April! How are you honey?" She asked as she walked over to me.

"I'm fine Shannon, thank you," I mumbled.

She pulled out a wheelchair for me and helped me get on. She then rolled me down the familiar hallways and into a room that smelled of disinfectant and rubbing alcohol. It wasn't the best smell but I've gotten used to it with the amount of times I've been here.

"What happened this time? Motorcycle accident? Fight that went wrong?" She asked sarcastically as she propped me up on a leather bed.

"No actually, just a small incident, no worries," I said in an assuring tone.

She rolled her eyes and took my hoodie off of my body. She examined my bruises and my bandages before hurrying off to get some supplies.

"You two know each other?" Axel asked in confusion.

"Of course! April here used to always come in with some serious injuries and such. Her broken ribs, which are healing fine, and her other injuries are just a fraction of what she's come in here with," Shanon answered happily. Axel narrowed his eyes at me but I hid behind my hair to avoid his gaze.

Shannon went to work on my body that didn't take any more than an hour. Axel stayed silent the whole time while Shannon talked about my serious injuries while I sat there nervously. There was no doubt that I would get a terrible scolding for this later.

"Bye April! Come visit soon, and not with any injuries," she said the last part in a serious tone.

"I'll try, but if it's too late there's nothing I can do about it," I joked as Axel held the door open for me.

I slid in much easier now and waited for Axel to round the car and start the engine. Once we were on the road he went back to clenching his jaw and tightening his hands around the wheel, but he didn't speed up like he did before.

I wanted to ask him what was wrong, but I knew that if I did then I'd probably get questioned. He most likely doesn't want to be bothered so I won't say anything.

He pulled into the driveway and hurriedly rounded the car for me to get out. Once I did he lifted me off of my feet again and carried me into the living room and laid me down on the beige sofa.

"You didn't have to-"

"What the fuck were you thinking when you tried pushing me away, huh?" He questioned harshly.

Ah shit, here we go again.

"Takeridge it was none of your-"

"None of my concern? NONE OF MY FUCKING CONCERN ARE YOU SERIOUS APRIL?!" He roared with clenched fists. His jaw was clenched and he had anger basically radiating off of his body, nobody would've missed it.

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