Chapter 23

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Day : Sunday
Date : 09/06/2019

Hey guys! So here is chapter 23 for you guys. I hope you like it! Happy reading and have a good day!


Camellia Waters' POV

"Can I ask you something?" I spoke as he drove me back to my house after Alex gave me a little talk on the phone.

Alex didn't scold me. He just relieved that he managed to reach me. He thought something bad happened to me. But he did ask me to come home right away because it was already late.

The boys are more than okay with it since they were concerned about me too. Ashton said as I quote "Little girl need to have enough sleep." I'm not little. But I still need enough sleep.

"Sure, what is it, cupcake?" he said.

I smiled at the pet name. 

"Why did you give them the idea about letting only me know about the secret?"

Adam rubbed the back of his neck a little before answering.

"B-Because..I saw the hurt in your eyes when you caught me with Kira. I felt guilty. That's why I left you with Kira alone in there. I can't bear it. After the incident, I kept on thinking about what to do to make you feel good." he explained.

I smiled.

"You did a great job. I feel good now." I said, looking at him with a smile.

He sighed in relief I think? As if something had left his shoulder.

"You don't know how good it felt." he said out of blue.


He chuckled.


"Can I ask one more question?"

"Sure little one."

"Why are you looking different before we reach the secret place?" I asked him what I've been wanting to ask him back then.

"When?" he answered me with a question.

"Starting from when you fell down from your car after you saw me in my pajamas. You didn't use crude words."

Adam laughed.

"Kiddo, have you heard me use crude words before?" he asked, his eyes focused on the road.

Have I? I don't know.


"I'm training myself to not use it. I'm scared if it slipped out from my mouth in front of my mother, she will use her favorite broom to beat my bottom." he said with a grimace.

I laughed a little. He said bottom.

"But you are right actually about me being different before we reached the secret place. It's just that I'm nervous. Nervous that you will hate us after you found out about our job." he smiled sheepishly at the road while his free hand scratched the back of his head.

I guessed that what he always do when he was being shy.

I smiled.

How can I hate you guys when you guys are nice men?

"I can never hate you guys. You guys are nice person. And the jobs are so cool." I said making him smiled a little.


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