Chapter 7:I Discover Walmart at Night

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Nezu grinned looking back and forth between me and the blonde. He looked quite pleased. Then he looked back at me. "Now, I must ask, have you properly found a place to live?" He asked, looking as if he was aware of everything. "Mamoru fooled me for months! I found out he was living on the beach!"

I frowned at the animal. He looked too happy at the idea of Mamoru living on the beach.

"I have, I promise you I'm not living on the beach. Though that does sound nice, like camping with my crew!" I smiled at the thought.

"Crew?" The blonde blinked, "You're a pirate as well?" When I nodded he looked somewhat excited. "Are you the navigator? Mamoru, if I remember correctly, was the navigator."

I smiled at him, he seems to have been good friends with Mamoru. Perhaps he reminded Mamoru of his captain, he always befriends those that have a more upbeat attitude. It helps contract with his constant state of annoyance. "Nah, we got someone who might be better than Mamoru.  I'm just the artist." Shrugging, I adjusted my bag on my shoulder. "I want to talk more about Mamoru. I bet he wasn't all cool like he tries to say. But next time. I need to go get some oranges, and maybe some red wine."

They both blinked as I turned and walked away, a snicker escaping the animal's lips. I had only made it a few steps before the blonde called out to my attention.

"The exit is the other way."

I didn't turn around. If I did then they would see my red face and most likely my weakness. So instead I kept walking.

"I know that! I have to do something first."

To clear the record, I did not know where the exit was. However, I also didn't like being corrected.


If I was to be honest, it was a complete miracle that I made it to the place that sells oranges. Aizawa had told me about this Walmart place earlier. From what I understood is that this place is a giant building that sells everything. However, the man did warn me not to go out at night, because apparently more villains were known to go out at night.

Which lead me standing in the produce selection staring at the oranges, at night.

"So many..." I whispered, my eyes wide and I almost swore droll dripped from the corner of my lips. The round fruit was stacked beautifully and I could almost swear angles were singing.

Not wanting to waste another moment I grabbed an arm full. Hugging the fruit to my chest, I turned and looked up towards the ceilings.

People must get lost a lot here since every aisle has a sign giving directions. It's wonderful. This is definitely my favorite place now.

Seeing 'wine' I kept my gaze on the sign and walked towards it. If I stared at it, I shouldn't take a wrong turn.

Tonight's dinner was going to be great. Oranges and red wine. Not as fancy as Sanji's dinner's, but it would make due.

Walking down the aisle I walked past some guy wearing a black hoodie mumbling to himself. He was staring intently at the sake, scratching his neck.

"The idiot drinks all the sake, then sends me to buy more." He growled, "I'd kill him is he wasn't so useful."

Grabbing a random bottle of red wine, I looked back at the angry itchy man. He was still staring at the sake and he was still itching.

Walking over to him, I picked up a bottle and handed it to him. He blinked at it, his middle finger not touching the bottle. "Just pick one. They all do the same thing, and they all taste the same." I frowned at him, seeing how dry his skin looked. "Also, you should buy some itch cream and moisturizer. You skin had gotta hurt being that dry."

His red eyes glared at me. "Excuse me?" He growled, reaching his free hand towards me. "I should kill you for saying that."

I backed up a bit, frowning. Then I glared at him, thinning the air around him. Not enough to suffocate him, but enough to make him struggle.

"Fuck off. I hope your skin stays dry, asshole." I huffed, turning and walking away as he clenched at his itchy throat. His breaths were loud and gasped, but he was still breathing.

I needed to pay for this, then return to my tree. At some point I'm going to build a fort, or maybe a house. I just need some time.

Of course, if I could get back to my crew I wouldn't need to worry about building shelter.

I paused, watching others walk through the small number aisles. They appeared to hand off their items to a person in a blue vest before handing them money. After paying they were given paper and their items in a bag.

It seemed easy enough.

Placing my oranges and wine down I looked at the man in the vest. He was blinking with a gaping mouth at the oranges. Clearly he was jealous of how many oranges I have. If he's nice I'll give him one, since I am pretending to be a hero here.

"Can I see some form of I.D.? You look far too young to be drinking this." He smiled, no longer looking shocked but rather skeptical now as he held up the bottle.

I blinked, scowling at him. Mamoru never did that. Nobody ever asked for that. Sighing, I pulled out the student I.D. I was given with my picture.

He held it for a moment, blinking at it then looked at me in complete confusion. "You didn't even try."

This time I blinked before glaring at him. "Hey! I did try for that picture! I'll have you know that I look fucking adorable on that I.D.-"

"No-No! That's not what I meant!" He denied with wide eyes, holding his hands up. "You're too young to drink, let alone purchase alcohol. You didn't try as in you didn't even give me a fake."

"Too young?" I frowned, taking the I.D. back.

"You gotta be twenty before I can sell you that." He stated, placing the wine behind the counter. "So, it'll just be the oranges."

"Bullshit, too young." I muttered, "What kind of place..."

"Plus, you're aiming to be a hero, alcohol will set you back." He said, "That'll be ten dollars."

I handed him the money, a pout forming on my face. "If that's the case I'd rather be a damn villian if they can drink." I mumbled, taking my bagged fruit.

This place sucks.

I don't like Walmart.


End of Chapter 7!

This is more of a filler, but I feel like this book needs these kinds of fillers. Considering Katsu isn't from the same world I think it would be interesting to see her interact with those things. Is there anything you'd like to see? Perhaps an arcade? Also I obviously introduced Shigaraki, but I won't say anything else on that point unless you guys noticed something.

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