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i don't know why these guys are fighting. Quarrel was growing into action. My brother advay slap one lady hey wait the lady  shout in anger in male voice oh my god he is actually boy. A boy with long hair. My mom was fighting with one middle aged lady i noticed in five minutes she say six times oh my matha . Hospital look like battle field all credit goes to me. No its not my fault it was the goons fault he was following me that why i hit the person . The goon he was most idiot person in the world he follow me more than 4 years i tell this matter to my brother advay he warn him many times but he did not listen to anyone we give police complaint against him but this rascal escape from the crook and hook . I again saw him i definitely beat him with my chandini.
     Suddenly all are looking at me . I don't know what to do. I just smiled sadly

Jha_anika are you ok beta

Ani_yes mom i perfectly all right.

Adv_anika come lets go come.

Per_how you take her she has to pay for her deeds

Ani_don't worry aunty i pay hospital bill.

Per_I'm not talking about bill.


Later i came to know the truth. Today was that person marriage he goes to buy nuptial for his marriage that time i hit him. Now the marriage was cancel . bride say no to marriage because he lost his mental stability i was shock because it was love come arrange marriage. If she really  loved him. I feel pity for the person.

Ani_stop it guys why are you fighting with my family go and fight with that lady who say no to marriage.
  They tell me the reason. They are coming from mental asylum they say to  marry the person. I say no big No. I did not finish my collage they ask me to marry  that to mad person i agree it was my fault but it was too silly . My family was also supporting me. Later i  know my dad and the person dad was business partner .they stared blackmailing us if we did not agree for marriage they  give project to another company . My dad also run business in loss. If we miss this opportunity we come to road. So with so much difficulties dad agree for this marriage. I was shock how i marry a person who was completely stranger to me i did not know his name. Because of my bad fate I'm standing in this situation.

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