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Steve knew better than to believe it, but it seemed that Sadie was her usual self at first, ushering him into the elevator and taking them up, ever the polite host. The apartment was large, and elegant, much larger than anything he could hope to afford. She also had clearly spent a lot of time and money decorating- with paintings and plants and sleek wooden furniture against soft white walls. The kitchen was attached to the living space and there was a wall of windows and subsequently, plenty of light from the setting sun and views of the city.

It wasn't a penthouse, but it was high enough that Steve knew if he were to stand real close to those windows, it'd feel like the edge of a cliff. And, just as Adrianne had predicted, music hummed throughout the space, although he wondered where it was coming from.

"I'm making a pasta bake," Sadie told him, munching on a celery stick as she walked over to her oven, sitting on the tiled floor opposite, and patting the space next to her. He sat down on the cold floor beside her.

"So you met Adrianne, huh?"  Isadora asked, her face beaming. "Isn't she great?"

"Yeah, she's a total character," he laughed. "And her kids- man, they're so cute."

"I taught them to be that funny. I mean, their dad's a real joker too but it was definitely me," Sadie told him in that rambly way she often spoke, with a proud smile playing at her lips.

"I don't doubt it," he replied, with a chuckle, and they fell quiet again, staring at the dish in the oven.

"So... you couldn't stay away, huh?" she asked him with a grin, tucking a stray ringlet of jet black hair behind her ear.

"I like to have company," he responded, simply.

"What about the Avengers?" Sadie chuckled, lowering her voice in a slightly mocking tone.

"I like your company," Steve told her, honestly, and she rolled her eyes playfully. "Plus- I think you could do with some, too. Heard you've had a tough week."

Sadie took a deep breath, shaking her head, her posture suddenly becoming slightly defeated.  "I'm just lucky I have savings. Otherwise I'd be out of this place in a month... I'm too 'unstable' to be a doctor at New York Pres."

"That's total garbage," he said, wondering how anybody could be as stupid as to fire Isadora Moore.

"Well, with all those SHIELD files exposed, they were only going to dig up more dirt on me to prove their case if I took it any further," Sadie sighed.

"What kind of dirt?"

"When I first got my powers, I was reckless with them," Sadie explained. "I tried anything and everything, pushed myself to my absolute limits- most times under SHIELD supervision but... I got arrogant more than the one time. Tried one too many things and the result was catastrophic, to say the least."

"You wanna talk about it?" Steve asked her, eager to take some of that burden off her shoulders, wondering what on earth could have gone wrong.

"You could just read the files," she shrugged, but Sadie didn't look at him as she said it.

"Do you want me to?" He questioned, scanning her face, despite her attempt to hide it. Her expression said it all. "Then, I won't."

Steve was telling the truth- he wouldn't look for it, and he wouldn't read it. She would tell him when she wanted to, if she needed to. And in that moment, Sadie looked so devastated, that Steve was more concerned with doing anything to make her smile that contagious grin she had. Even if it meant embarrassing himself.

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