Rim of the world

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I was tied up and gagged.

Gabriel POV

What are yall doing out here in the middle of a invasion" a guard said. Yea said the one with a purge mask" Darius said. Oh yeah" a guard said and cocked his gun. No no were on your team, we're not the enemy" I said. Yea I know" a man said and took of his mask. Lou" darius and Alex yelled. Wait you know this guy" i said. Yea" Darius said. Lou my negro" Darius said.You know lou i was telling Alex to let you out but he was like no and i was like no one should be left in a cage" Darius said. You have something i want and i will trade you for it" lou said. He then pointed to the key and then pointed to Mia. I yelled mia and tried to run to her but they pointed there guns towards me. No" Alex said. What you say" lou said. I said no" Alex said. Ok well kill the girl" lou said. NO" I yelled. Lou kicked her to the ground and then kicked he ribs. She screamed in pain. I started crying because i couldn't save her. 

Oh your crying cause of your girlfriend" lou said. He kicked her again. You dont like when I do that to her do you" lou said. Then the monster came and killed them. I picked her up and we started running. I gave her to Darius and I started distracting the monster.


I was being untied and ungagged. I was crying because I was still in pain. I thanked Darius for untying me. I saw gabriel trying to distract the monster. Throw the glow sticks" gabriel yelled to zhen. GABRIEL" I yelled. GABRIEL" i yelled. Gabriel come here your going to die" i said. I tried to go to gabriel but the group held me back. Gabriel led the monster in the pool and ran to me. I hugged him. We started walking. That was the same monster we saw back at the camp, I thought it was dead" Darius said. Yea no shit sherlock" I yelled. Sorry I'm just angry" i said. We have to get to my dealership" Darius said. I rolled my eyes. Next thing i new Darius head butted gabriel and they were fighting. Guys I screamed. Stop fighting. We didnt come all this way just for yall to act like little bitches" I said. Bsck there when yall was protecting me I saw men. I dont see men right now" I said. I see little girls" I said. Now let's go, I saw a mall up ahead" I said.

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