6 - We

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The ride back to my house was silent.

None of us spoke a word and I think that it was better than him bombarding me with questions all of the time. I didn't want to let him in, I haven't let anyone into my life in awhile, and I liked to keep it that way. I'd rather push those away than for me to make their life miserable, it was my motto to live.


"Takeridge, please," I begged softly.

I couldn't have him ask questions if they were just going to be about me. Why not ask what's the best movie out there? Or ask me for my opinion of pineapple on pizza? And if he ever did ask, I'd say ew.

After a couple of more seconds he spoke quietly, "You did good on the project."

I turned my head to him and nodded it slowly, "We did good on the project Takeridge. I wasn't the only one who jotted down amazing notes," I corrected.

He chuckled, "But you wrote the essay."

"But I couldn't have made the essay if my amazing partner didn't give me notes," I pointed out.

He turned to me and smirked, "Amazing huh? How about devilishly handsome, smart, smoking hot?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "If I didn't say those things, then I guess you aren't any of them," I fired back.

He glanced from the road to me multiple times before he spoke up, "You're rude," he pouted.

"But I'm not self absorbed," I inputted.

Holy shit, where is all of this coming from?

"Self absorbed? I'm not self absorbed," he argued.

"No, you're right, not self absorbed," I agreed. He smirked as he thought that he won this conversation, but I continued, "Just really ugly."

He stepped on the brakes quickly which made my body move forward a bit but I didn't almost fly through the window like Axel. I cocked an eyebrow at him as he stared at me in shock, "I am not ugly," he breathed out.

"Whatever floats your boat," I said nonchalantly. We sat there for a couple of seconds while Axel stared at me and I looked out the window. We were close to my house but apparently he wasn't focussed on the scenery.

"You didn't move," he blurted out.

I turned to him with knitted eyebrows, "What?"

He got comfortable in his seat as he faced me, "I stopped the car. I watched you, you didn't move," he breathed out.

I bit my lip and played with my fingers, "I don't know," I answered.

He looked at me a little longer before he faced the wheel again and proceeded driving to my house. He continued glancing at me from time to time but I just kept my vision forward until he stopped the car.

"Thank you Takeridge," I mumbled as I reached for the handle.

"Wait, let me walk you up," he said as he got out of the car.

My mind slowly processed his words and when it did, my door had already been open, "Cmon, let's go."

I quickly got out of the car, ignoring my injuries and pushed him back, "No, no you need to leave," I panicked.

"Woah, woah babe what are you-"

"Don't call me babe, especially here. Please, go," I begged.

He grabbed my wrists, preventing me from pushing him any longer, "April, stop- babe stop-"

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