Young Love (A SHINee Fan Fic) Chapter Fifteen

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____ knocked on my door.
"Taemin! Tammie! Come eat!"
I sighed and got up. She stayed laying down.
"Are you coming."
"Fiiiiiiiine." I smiled and grabbed her hand.
When we were done eating, Minho, Onew, Jonghyun, Key, and ____ went out somewhere, leaving me and Yoona alone.
We sat in the living room and watched Star King.
Yoona was sitting on the couch, and I was on the floor in front of her. She was messing with my hair and humming Y.O.U.
"You like that song, don't you sweetie?"
"Uh huh. I like it better when you sing it to me though." She moved and put her legs on my shoulders, and I kissed her leg.
I lightly ran my fingers up her leg, and she spazzed and jumped up and screamed.
I started laughing.
"what was that?" I asked, still laughing.
"That tickled." She said, crossing her arms and pouting. I smiled and got up and tickled her more.
"Taemin! Stop!" She screamed between laughs.
She jumped up and sat on the back of the couch, and I kept tickling her, and she fell back, grabbed my shirt, and we both fell on the floor.
I landed on top of her and we couldn't stop laughing.
We looked up, and Jonghyun, Minho, Onew, Key, and ____ were all standing in the doorway staring at us.
"You guys are weird." Minho said, walking away with Key, ____, and Onew.
"No having sex on the floor." Jonghyun said, then walked away.
I looked down at Yoona, and she wrapped her legs around my waist.
"That doesn't sound like a bad idea." She said, then she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her, then started making out with me.
"Taemin! Tammie! We have to do the dishes!" I sighed and got up.
"Hmm. Help me up." I picked up Yoona and we walked to the kitchen holding hands.
We all sat in a circle and played rock paper scissors, and Yoona and Key were the last two, so they had to do the dishes.
"Aww! I don't wanna do the dishes!" Key said, crossing his arms.
"Awww Kibum. Too bad." ____ said, pinching his cheeks.

Tammie's POV:
____ and Taemin walked into the living room and I got up and walked to the sink.
"Come on diva. Get a sponge." He sighed and got up.
Halfway through the dishes, Key randomly threw water at me.
"Key! What the hell!" I splashed water back at him, and we had a water fight.
I grabbed the soap and squirted him.
He grabbed my wrist.
"Ah! Key! Let go!"
"No." I splashed me again.
"Taemin! Key's raping me again!" Taemin quickly came in and grabbed my hand, and shot Key a death glare.

Taemin's POV:
Yoona and I walked back to my room and she sat down on the bed.
I went through my closet and pulled out one of her shirts and set it next to her. I walked to the bathroom, grabbed a towel, and set it on top of her shirt.
I put my hands on her waist and slipped her shirt off.
I bit my lip and she kissed me.
"Yes sweetie?"
"I love you." I smiled.
"I love you too." I picked up the towel and dried her off, and put her shirt on.
We walked back to the kitchen, and Key and ____ were doing the dishes.
Yoona and I sat at the table and she laid her head down and I messed with her hair.
When the dishes were done, Key left and ____ walked over to us.
"Taemin-ah, can I talk to you?" I nodded and Yoona got up.
When she was walking past me I slipped one of my fingers through her belt loops and pulled her to me and kissed her lips.
"I love you." I said, smiling.
"I love you too." She smiled back and walked to my room.
"So what do you need to talk to me about Noona?" She sat next to me and sighed.
"Taemin, when are you ever going to forgive Key?" I thought about it and shrugged. "Well, he's told you he's sorry a lot of times. What else do you want from him?" I shrugged again and she sighed.
"Taemin. He really is sorry. And the fact that you won't forgive him makes him upset. He's your Hyung and he loves you and cares about you. A lot."
I stood up. "I don't care." I walked into my room, and Yoona was laying down listening to her iPod. I laid behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her closer.
She paused the song.
"What did she need to talk to you about?" I grabbed her hand and intertwined our fingers.
"What about him?"
"She wants me to stop being mad at him." She sighed.
"What's wrong sweetie?" I tightened my arms around her.
"It's just, I think you should." She squeezed my hand. "You being mad, it feels like its partly my fault."
"Aww. Sweetie. It's not your fault." She sat up, still holding my hand.
"But, what I don't understand, is that, we kissed each other. I didn't kiss him, he didn't kiss me, we both kissed each other and did nothing about it. And you were able to forgive me, but not Key."
I didn't say anything, I just sat there. She put her hands on my face. "Baby. Please forgive him. For me?" I sighed and shook my head.
"I'm sorry, I-I can't." She sighed and pulled her hand away, got up, and walked twards the door.
"Don't leave sweetie." She just sighed and shut the door behind her.
I sat in my room for a few minutes and then got up and walked to the living room where Minho and Onew were sitting.
"Where's Yoona?" I asked.
"Her and Jonghyun went for a walk." Minho said. I sighed and laid on the floor.
"What's wrong Taemin-ah?" Minho asked me.
"Yoona's mad at me because I won't forgive Key."
"I'm sorry." I shrugged.

Tammie's POV:
I walked out of Taemin's room and went into the living room. Jonghyun immediately could tell something was wrong.
"Hey, you okay?" He said, getting up and walking to me. I just shrugged.
"Do you need to talk about it?" I nodded my head.
"Alright, come on, let's go for a walk." He held his hand out to me and I took it, and we walked out the front door.
He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and we walked to the park.
We sat down on a bench.
"So tell me what happened." I told him everything from the water fight with Key to walking out on Taemin.
"I'm sorry Tammie."
"It's okay I guess." He put his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder.
"You know, you can't make Taemin do anything. I love him, but he can be very stubborn sometimes. You should just let him decide this one for himself. Just because he doesn't want to forgive Key doesn't mean you should be mad at him. You guys love each other, and you are very mature for your ages. Don't let this get between you."
I smiled.
"Thank you Jonghyun."
"Your welcome." I kissed his cheek and we got up.
We walked back home hand in hand.
When we got back, Taemin was sitting on the floor watching TV. I walked over and sat next to him and laid my head on his shoulder.

Taemin's POV:
When Yoona sat next to me I couldn't stop smiling. I was happy that she wasn't mad at me.
I grabbed her hand and held it tightly.
She put her hand on my leg and rubbed it. She looked up at me and smiled.
She whispered in my ear.
"I love you Taemin."
"I love you too Yoona. A lot." She smiled again and laid her head back on my shoulder.
After a few minutes, I put her on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist and leaned my head down on her shoulder, and kissed her neck.
She put her hands behind her so that they were by my pockets.
She rubbed the top of my thigh, and it got me.....yeah.
I bit my lip.
"Not here sweetie." I whispered.
"Why not?" She rubbed a little harder and I bit my lip and jumped up, grabbed her hand, and ran to the closest room with a door, which happened to be Onew's.
I slammed the door and locked it, and grabbed Yoona, pulled her to me, and quickly kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth.
I laid her on the bed and crawled on top of her and kissed her neck, and licked it.
She let out a soft moan.
I quickly undressed the both of us, and started grinding against her.
She bit her lip and closed her eyes.
She wrapped her legs around my waist and I grinded harder, making the bed squeak.
There was a knock on the door.
I stopped, and picked Yoona up, and leaned her against the wall and started grinding again. He just said his bed.
She took in a deep breath and held in a moan.
"Oh god Taemin." She whispered in my ear.
We heard Key moan from the other room. Yoona smiled.
"Baby, can we?" I shook my head.
"It takes too much work baby girl."
"Oh God, Key!" I heard ____ yell.
"Baby please?" Yoona said, giving puppy dog eyes.
"Why don't we see who can keep the quietest? Me or you?" She smiled and nodded.
I put her back on the bed.
"I can keep quieter than you." I said. She shook her head.
I stuck my hands down her panties and started rubbing hard. She bit her lip.
"Oh god!" Key yelled.
I started rubbing faster and harder, and her moan finally came out, and it was LOUD. And I mean LOOOUD.
I smiled.
"Okay. My turn." She flipped us over.
"Kibum! God, harder!"
Yoona rolled her eyes and put her hands down my boxers and rubbed really fast and hard.
"Oh god!" I yelled really loud. She laughed and took her hands out.
"Noooo!" I grabbed her hand and put it back in.
"Key! God baby yes! Harder!"
"Kibum!" ____ kept yelling, and Minho yelled at them to shut up.
"Oh baby, I already beat you." She said.
"Please baby?" She smiled and rubbed some more. I bit my lip.
"Oh my god Yoona!" I yelled. She smiled, and after a few minutes, she took her hand out.
"Oh god baby. That was amazing." I said. She kissed my chest.
I got up and put my clothes back on, and so did Yoona. We walked into the living room, where Onew was crossing his arms.
"What wrong Hyung?"
"What's wrong? You just had sex on MY bed. I have to sleep there you know!" I smiled.
"Sorry Hyung."
"Yeah yeah yeah." He got up and walked to his room.
"Really, first ____ and Key, now you two. Sex addicts." Minho asked.
"Aww poor Minho. We need to get you a girlfriend." Yoona said, pinching his cheeks.
"I don't need a girlfriend!"
"Sure sure."
"I don't!"
"Okay. So would you rather be sitting there doing that-" She pointed to him sitting on the couch watching TV "-or this." She walked over to me and pulled me to her and made out with me feircly for dramatic effect.
She pulled back.
"Okay. So I do need a girlfriend." He said, getting up and walked to his room. Half way, he yelled. "I'M GOING TO DIE ALONE!" Yoona smiled and I put my hands on her waist and pulled her to the couch.

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