Rim of the world

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Zhenzhen POV
I'm glad it was you" I said. I felt Alex smiled. Me and alex cuddled.

Gabriel POV

Me and Darius came in the room and saw Mia sleep. I played in front of her while Darius played behind her.


I opened my eyes and saw gabriel. I smiled. Dang it I forgot my sleep apnea mask" Darius said. Sorry if I snore" Darius said. You have sleep apnea...how old are you" gabriel said. Sleep apnea has no age ok" Darius said. I giggled. I put my hand on Gabriel's face and chest. He put his hand on my waist. We cuddled and fell asleep.

Time skip

We woke up to a loud bang. We all jumped up. Aliens" zhen mouthed. Yea I know" gabriel said. We all put on our clothes and went outside. We were walking threw these sheets. I pulled a sheet back and saw this dude who looked weird. He grabbed me and i screamed. He covered my mouth. Next thing I knew it was black.

Sorry for my short story. You know I usually write them longer but I want a cliff hanger.

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