Young Love (A SHINee Fan Fic) Chapter Fourteen

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After a few minutes, she pulled back, and I moved the hair sticking to her cheeks, and she smiled.
I kissed her lips, then heard Jonghyun screaming and banging on his door.
Yoona smiled and we walking into the living room, where Minho and Onew were still sitting.
"God you two guys make up fast." Minho said.
"Hahaha. Minho. Make me Ramen." Yoona said.
"Then pelvic thrust."
"What! No!"
"Then make me Ramen."
"Then pelvic thrust."
He sighed. "Taemin. Tell your girlfriend to stop."
"Minho." I said back. "Pelvic thrust." He rolled his eyes and walked to his room.
"I want to see him pelvic thrust....." Onew said. Our eyes shot to him.
Yoona smiled at me, then Key and ____ came in laughing.
"What's so funny?" I asked.
"Jonghyun things we did things on his bed." ____ answered.
"Oh." Yoona scooted closer to me and laid her head on my shoulder.
We watched an episode of Star Golden Bell.
Yoona grabbed my hand and played with my fingers, and kissed my neck a little.
"Come on! It's just eyeliner! You've worn it before!" ____ said.
Yoona pulled away and started laughing.
"Gay!" She said.
"So has Taemin."
She stuck her tongue out at her and ____ stuck her tongue out back.
"Come onnnn! Just eyeliner!"
Key sighed.
"Yay!" She ran to her room and came back with a whole lot of make up.
"WOAH! I thought you said just eyeliner?!"
She smiled and pulled out an eyeliner pencil.
"I did!"
He sighed. When she was about to put it on, he flinched back.
"Im not gonna kill you! God!"
She finally finished.
"There. All done! Aw, you look delicious.." She kissed his cheek. "Look!"
She turned his head twards me.
"Cute, right?"
"Uhh...sure..Its not bad I guess.." I held back a smile.
"Can I take this off now?" Key asked.
"No!" She grabbed a brush and a bottle, and he jumped back.
"What's that?!"
"Concealer. Chill."
He sighed.
"Your gonna end up making me look like a girl, aren't you?"
She started laughing.
"I love youuuu!"
"That means yes.." he said, sighing again.
"I love you sooooo much." She started putting pink eye shadow on him, and I started laughing, then Key glared at me.
"This is NOT funny." he said.
I smiled. "Yeah it is."
____ turned his head back to her.
"Keep looking over here, babe."
He groaned and let her finish the rest of his make up.
When she was about to put lip gloss on him, he pushed her hand.
"Come on babyyyyy! Your lips are so prettyyyy!" She kissed him.
"Yeah,no. I'm not letting you--"
She got it on him.
"There! Awww! How cute!"
Minho walked in and started laughing so hard.
"KEY!" he said, doubling over and laughing.
Jonghyun came in and started laughing.
"Loser!" he said.
"Yaaah! Shut upppppp!" Key yelled.
Yoona got an evil smile.
"OMO! YOU SHOULD DRESS HIM UP!" She yelled, jumping up.
Key gave her the meanest glare he had ever given anyone.
"Yes you are. Come on ____. I think I have something that will fit him.
I grabbed her arm.
"Baby, what are you doing?"
"Pay back. For last night." I nodded and kissed her lips and she ran off.
Key sat next to me.
"I hate your girlfriend."
"Yeah well you didn't seem to hate her last night."
"Taemin, I told you, I'm sorry."
"And I told you, youre not."
"Taemin I-" Yoona and ____ came back in with a pink mini skirt and a sparkly black tube top.
"Woah! Where did that come from!" Key asked.
"From Yoona's closet. Now go put it on." _____ said, throwing it at him.
"No. I am NOT wearing this." ____ crossed her arms and pouted.
"Then you don't love me."
"Nonononono. I do love you, bu-"
"Then put it on." He sighed.
"Fine." He walked into the bathroom, and Yoona sat next to me, and laid her head on my shoulder and I put my hand on her thigh and rubbed it.
She grabbed my hand and messed with my fingers. She looked up at me smiling, and I kissed her lips.
"Saranghae." I said. Her smile got bigger.
"Nado saranghae." She intertwined her fingers with mine and kicked her legs.
I couldn't help but smile. She was so cute.
Key came out of the bathroom, and everyone started laughing really hard.
"Shut up!" Key said.
"NO DON'T COME HERE!" The three of them came in, and fell on top of each other on the floor laughing.
"Guys! Shut up! It's not funny!"
"Yes it is! We always knew you were a diva, but-" Onew motioned his hand up and down Key's body. "Come on!"
Key pouted and turned to ____.
"They're making fun of me!"
"Awww poor baby!"
"Alright alright! Come on!" They walked into Key's room.
"Awww! FUN RUINER!" Minho yelled.
"What? Nuh uh!" She shoved Key back into the hallway and we all erupted in laughter again.
"HEY! _____!" He ran back in his room and slammed the door.
"Oh god that was hilarious." Onew said, wiping tears from his eyes.
"Hey, I'm going to the store, anyone wanna come?" Minho asked. Jonghyun and Onew raised their hands. "Kay. Well, we'll be back. Bye guys."
"Bye!" Yoona and I said.
When the front door shut, Yoona crawled on top of me and started kissing my neck.
I put my hands on her hips and pushed her back smiling.
"What are you doing baby?"
"I'm kissing my boyfriend. Why?" I shrugged.
"I don't have to if you don't want me too."
"Nononono! You can." She smiled and kissed my neck some more. She lightly bit it and I moaned quietly.
She pulled back and smiled.
"Aww. Why'd you stop?" She winked and got off of me.
Key and ____ came back in, and Key threw Yoona's clothes at her.
"Not my problem!"
"Helmet hair." She mumbled, crossing her arms. I laughed and got up.
"Come on." I held my hand out to her, and she grabbed it, and we ran to my room.
"What?" She asked. I put both my arms on either side of her and pressed her against the wall and kissed her neck.
She put her hands up my shirt and rubbed my chest. I pressed against her harder and started grinding my hips on hers.
She bit her lip and moved under my arms and laid on the bed, and I followed and laid on top of her.
She took my shirt off and threw it on the floor, and I did the same her.
I kissed her neck and down her chest and cleavage, and bit her bra strap, sliding it down her shoulder.
She played with the button of my pants and undid it, and slid them off.
I kissed her lips and slid my tongue in her mouth, and grinded on her harder.
She moaned a little, and smiled at me.
"Hmm baby."
I slid off her shorts and ran my fingers under the elastic of her panties. She bit her lip and closed her eyes.
I lightly ran my fingers on her legs and lightly across her...area...and she took in a deep breath.
"Taemin." She whispered.
"Yes baby?"
"Please?" I gave her a sexy smile and put my hand under her panties, and rubbed.
She moaned a little.
Then we heard a moan coming from Key's room.
"We can't loose to them this time baby." Yoona said. I nodded and started rubbing harder, and she moaned louder.
"Come on baby. Louder."
"Make me." She said.
I smiled back at her and took my hand out and started grinding on her.
"Oh god Taemin!" She yelled.
"Yes baby."
"God! Keep going!"
"Oh Key!" ____ yelled.
"Harder Taemin!"
"Okay, baby, were going to loose." I said.
"Wait. I know how to shut them up."
"Forgive me for this baby." She kissed my lips.
"OH GOD KEEEEY! HARDER OH GOD I LOVE YOU KIBUM!" Yoona yelled. My eyes became wide.
"Sorry baby." Key came bursting through my door.
"Hahahaha! We win!" Yoona said.
____ came in and wrapped her arms around Key.
"Cheaters.." Key muttered.
"Its not cheating its a strategy." Yoona said, smiling.
"Whatever!" Key said.
"Aww, my Kibum is so sexy.." ____ said, then smacked Key's butt.
"Ew, Noona!"
"You know its true." She said.
"Riiiight..." I said sarcastically.
"____, can you hand me that?" Yoona asked.
____ picked up my shirt on off the floor and Yoona put it on.
She smiled at me and laid on the bed, putting her head in my lap, and I played with her hair.
"Noona. I'm hungry." I said.
"Then make something."
"But I don't want to. Can you and Hyung make lunch!"
"Haha. Me? Work? You're funny." I crossed my arms and stuck out my bottom lip.
"Please Noona."
"Ughh! Fine! Come on Key." They got up and left.
"Aww. You're so cute Taemin." Yoona said, sitting up.
"Noooo. Don't say that!"
"Why not. It's true."
"I don't like being called cute." She pinched my cheeks and kissed my lips.
"Well too bad. You're adorable. Deal with it." She got up and was about to walk out, but I grabbed her waist and picked her up and threw her on the bed. She screamed and started laughing, and I smiled at her.
"Taemin! Don't do that!" I got on top of her and kissed her cheek.
"Why not?"
"Cause it scared me!" I kissed her lips.
"Cause....candy." I looked at her.
"That is a very good reason."
"Yes. Yes it is." I smiled and kissed her lips again, and she lightly bit my bottom lip.
"Baby?" I said, pulling away.
"I love you." She smiled at me and pulled me back to her and she kissed me again.
"I love you too." She said between kisses.
I got up and sat next to her, and she laid on me.
I played with her hair again and started singing Y.O.U.
She sat up when the song was over and kissed me, and kept leaning in until she pushed me on the bed and she laid on top of me and kissed my neck.
I put my hands on her butt and pressed her against me.
"Hmm Taemin. I like when you do that."
"Good sweetie." She smiled and got off of me and walked to the door.
"Aww. Come back." I said. She smiled and walked back over to me.

Okay so for you who don't know the song Y.O.U. by SHINee, here it is translated into English so you know what Taemin is always singing to

I met you in a chaotic time
Even though I couldn't understand anything
I became angry at everyone telling me to quit because it's hard
I only show you my foolish side all the time

Even if my body breaks
Even if my heart is torn
The promise is to protect you
And that promise will eternally be the same thing

Nothing can stop me from loving YOU
The reason why I breathe is YOU
The reason why I sing is YOU
The reason why I live on is YOU
Nothing can stop me from loving

Why is it that the people leave you when it's good
Leave one by one without looking back when it's bad
Like glass, a human's heart is so weak
A heart hurts so much from the little things

Let's not be like that
Even if we hate it, even if it hurts
The promise is to stay by your side
And that promise will eternally be the same thing

Nothing can stop me from loving YOU
The reason why I run is YOU
The reason why I dance is YOU
The reason why I live on is YOU

Years will come and years will go
And even if you change your mind and leave
I'm yours (When I'm happy)
I'm yours (When I'm sad)
I'm yours (I'm not just saying it)
I'm yours (I'm trying to show you)

Years will come and years will go
And even if you change your mind and leave
I'm yours (When I'm happy)
I'm yours (When I'm sad)
I'm yours (I'm not just saying it)
I'm yours (I'm trying to show you baby)

Something like that might not happen
But even if your heart changes and you leave me
Do you know that I won't be able to forget you

Cause I love YOU
The reason why I sing is YOU
It's YOU
My every reason is YOU

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