Young Love (A SHINee Fan Fic) Chapter Twelve

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"Well... Uhmm..."
"Actually, I don't care what their doing here. They're all going home now. We need to talk."
I stood there in shock. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't. I felt like such a whimp.
____ stood up.
"Hey, lady! No." She said.
All heads turned to her.
"Excuse me?.." Her mom said.
"You heard me. Were not leaving."
"I agree with her. We don't have to go anywhere just because you tell us too." I said.
"And neither does Tammie. If she wants to come home with us, she can." Jonghyun said, getting up.
"Yeah! Her and Taemin are in love with each other and you shouldn't be keeping them apart!" Minho said.
"Actually, she IS coming home with us." ____ said, while crossing her arms.
"Yeah! Come on, baby." I said, grabbing her hand.
We walked into her room and she pulled down bags and suitcases, and shoved clothes into them, and we all helped her, except for Key.
"Are you moving in with us?" I asked her.
"Yeah. I'm out of this god damn house." She said, zipping up the last bag.
"Are you really doing this?" Her mom asked, standing in the doorway.
"Yeah. Because I'm tired of all of your bullshit and doing everything you say. I do what I want from now on, and you have no say in it. In fact.." She turned to me and started making out with me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me.
I didn't get to see the look on her mom's face, but I wish I could have.
We all helped her bring her stuff down to the car, and she got in, sitting on my lap.
"Bye mom! Have fun alone!" she said, getting into the car with everyone else.
I smiled and pulled her into my lap. I laid my head on her shoulder and squeezed her tightly.
"I'm soooo happy. Your officialy a part of our family." I said, kissing her cheek. She smiled and turned around and kissed me.
"I know." I smiled.
When we got home, I walked up to ____.
"Thanks so much for standing up for Tammie like that, Noona!" I said, smiling like an idiot probably.
"No prob, anytime, Taeminnie." She said, and hugged me.
"Yeah really, thanks you guys." Yoona said, smiling. She went around and hugged everyone, and she gave me a quick kiss, and wrapped her arms around me.
"So, how about we help you move in?" ____ said.
"Sounds cool!"
We all helped her unpack, mostly me, Jonghyun, and ____.
When we were done, ____ left to go talk to Key. When she was out of my room, I shut my door and pulled Yoona to me.
"Thank you Taemin. A lot. For, for everything." She said, and wrapped her arms around my waist. I kissed the top of her head and wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her back.
"Your welcome sweetie." She put her head on my chest and held me tighter.
"Do you think my mom is mad at me?" She asked. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back so that I was looking at her.
"I don't know what your mom is feeling, but I do know she still loves you. A lot. Like me." She smiled and hugged me again.
I kissed her cheek and we walked back into the living room where everyone else was.
"Hey, guys. We need to go to the store." Minho said.
"Yaaaaaaaaay!" I said, jumping up.

Tammie's POV:
When we got to the store, Taemin started jumping up and down and smiling really big.
"Why are you so happy?" I asked him.
"I love the store! There's so much stuff!" I laughed a little.
"Ooh! Candy!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the candy section, and started shoving candy in bags.
"What do you want?" He asked me.
"That!" I said, pointing to Hershey kisses. He grabbed a hand full and put it in the bag.
When we were done, Taemin gave Minho about five pounds of candy.
"Taemin, we are NOT getting all of this."
"Yes we are." He said, the turned around and ran off with me before he could say anything else.
"Lets go get some milk!" He said.
"Okay!" We ran to the milk section, and got regular, chocolate, strawberry, and banana milk.
We ran back to Minho and threw everything into the basket, and he glared at us.
"What?" Taemin asked. He rolled his eyes and sighed.
Jonghyun picked me up and put me on his back.
"Ahh! Jonghyun! Put me down!"
"TAEMIN HELP ME!" He started running after us.
Two girls saw Jonghyun and Taemin and started screaming, and we were soon running from them.
We found a closet, ran in, shut the door, and threw crap in front of it.
They were both panting for breath, and I stood there.
I looked over at Taemin and smiled. He smiled back and walked behind me and wrapped his arms around me, started swaying back and forth, and started singing Y.O.U.
When he was done with the song, he started kissing my neck, and I closed my eyes.
He lightly bit my neck and I let out a soft moan.
"Guys! Not here!"
"Why not?" Taemin asked, his lips still pressed again my neck.
"Cause I'm right here."
"Well, you could always go out there with those girls."
Jonghyun sighed, and I turned around and wrapped my arms around Taemin. He put his lips on mine and his hands on my butt and pressed me against him, and slipped his tongue in my mouth.
He squeezed my butt and pressed me against him then bit my bottom lip, making me let out a louder moan.
Jonghyun shoved our faces apart and grabbed our wrists.
"Were leaving."
When we got home, we stopped outside, and heard Key moaning really loud.
Jonghyun rolled his eyes and opened the door.
"God Key, if you had moaned that loud before, you could have beaten us.
I put a few grocery bags on his stomach.
"We did the shopping, you put them away." Minho said.
Key sighed.
When they were done, they both came into Taemin's room where we were sitting and just talking.
"Hey, you said we could have beaten you, right?" Key asked.
"Maybe. Why?"
"Because. I want to challenge you to another scream off." I smiled.
Key smiled and him and ____ ran to their room.

Taemin's POV:
I smiled at Yoona and crawled on top of her, and she laid back, and I laid over her, and started kissing her neck.
I licked her neck and she let out a soft moan.
"Louder." I whispered.
"I've told you before, make me." I took off her shirt and placed my hands on her, chest area, and squeezed, and she moaned a little.
I sighed.
"Gosh I suck at this." I whispered. She smiled.
"No your not. Just try harder."
I ran my hands down her chest and stomach and unbuttoned her jeans, and slowly slid them off.
I kissed her neck and put my hands down her panties and started rubbing, and she moaned loud-ish.
"Hmm. Harder, Taemin." I did it a little harder and faster, and she moaned louder.
There was a loud "Oh god Key!" From the other room.
Yoona looked up and quickly took off my pants and shirt.
She flipped us over so she was on top and she put her hands in my boxers, and started rubbing hard and fast.
"Oh god!" I said, and bit my lip.
"You like that sweetie?" She asked. I nodded, and she pressed her lips against mine and slid her tongue into my mouth.
She started grinding her hips against mine, and I flipped us over again, and kissed her cleavage.
There was a loud "Ahh! Kibum! Harder!" and I grinded against Yoona hard and fast.
"Oh god, Taemin!" She yelled.
Key moaned louder, and I tried my hardest to make Yoona louder, but with out success. I gave up and fell on the bed beside her, panting.
"I'm sorry baby. I-I can't go anymo-more."
In a few minutes, Key poked his head in.
"We won."
"I was just...tired!" I said.
"EXCUSES!" Key said." We won." Key and ____ sat over and sat on my bed.
Jonghyun came in.
"REALLY you guys?! Do yall not get that no one in this  house wants to hear you guys fucking or whatever it is your doing?! God, especially you, Key! Loud as fuck! God you guys are addicted!"
____ shrugged and started humming Breathe by G Dragon.
"Is that..G Dragon's song?" Key asked.
"Don't sing it.."
He sat there and didn't say anything.
Jonghyun smiled.
"He's mad that G-Dragon's done his girlfriend more than once and that he was most likely better at it."
"HEY!" Key said.
He shrugged.
"Probably true. Right ____?"
She bit her lip.
Yoona looked over at me with a confused look, and I just shook my head.
She got up and went in the bathroom.
"Shut up! Stop talking! Jesus no one asked for your opinion."
"She avoided the question. I'm right. GD is better." Jonghyun said, smiling.
She came back out dressed in shorts and my T Shirt, then walked over and sat in my lap. I wrapped my arms around her.
Key was just looking down.
"Or..was there anyone else better than GD? Out of like the 6 people that you've--"
"Your mean!" Jonghyun said.
"Shut up!"
"I'm going to my room." Key said quietly, getting up and going out of the room.
"Fuck. Now look what you did. Seriously, Jonghyun?" She got up and ran after Key.
Jonghyun just smiled.
"Are you TRYING to make them hate each other?" I asked.
His smile went away.
"What are you talking about?" I sighed.
"Really, Hyung? You knew that was going to start something."
"I know."
"Then why did you bring it up?"
"I don't know." I sighed.
"If I may ask, um, why did you say, 6, people?" Yoona asked.
"Well, ____ has, well, been around."
"Oooh." She said.
Jonghyun sat there and started singing Love Like Oxygen.
Yoona started laughing.
"What?" Jonghyun asked.
"When you sang that I thought of Onew imitating you." He smiled and looked down. I laughed a little.
____ and Key came back in.
"There. All better!" She said.
Jonghyun looked a little surprised.
"And Jonghyun, your gonna die .I suggest you don't sleep tonight, if your smart. God, what's wrong with you, starting that kind of drama?"
"I was just...making conversatio--"
"Go die." She said. I laughed and put buried my head in Yoona shoulder trying to hide it.
"Just kidding thats mean. But seriously."

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