Chapter 19

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Dance class had been a blur. I avoided bringing anything up about vegas to Charlie. Of course she was going to ask questions about the trip, but avoiding them was hard. Some of the other kids had asked questions too.

They had seen the vlog that went up after we got back from the trip and of course, I was in it.

David had announced at the end of the video that I had officially joined the vlog squad, he also included the footage of us celebrating my new position in the group. There was lots of positive feedback but also a lot of hate.

I knew getting into this would bring a lot of negative comments and a lot of negative thoughts though, I never really seem to be affected by them.

I tend to steer clear of looking at them because I know they aren't to nice.

Dance class ended and everyone left the studio. I did the usual, cleaning up the mats and sweeping the floor so that the next class can have a clean floor to dance on.

The door opened behind me and I turned around.

Charlie walked into studio, her face frowning.

"Hey charles, what's wrong hon?" I asked.

I put the broom down in the corner of the room and walked over to her.

"My dad isn't able to pick me up today and I- I don't want to bug you but do you think you can take me home?" she asked stuttering. She looked down, nervously tapping her foot.

"Yeah kiddo, it's no problem. Just lemme finish up here and we can go get ice cream an then i'll take you home. Does that sound good?" She instantly lit up and nodded her head eagerly.

I finished up cleaning the studio, walking out with Charlie to my car. We drove to the nearest Baskin Robins, getting our ice cream and making our way towards Jason's house. We pulled up and I got out with her.

I walked up to the door with her. She walked into the house, inviting me inside with her.

"Dad! Where are you!?" Charlie yelled running down the hall. I followed close behind, not being familiar with this house.

"I'm in the living room sweetheart!" I heard Jason yell from the living room.

As soon as she heard her dads voice, she sprinted towards him. Still behind her, I jogged to catch up with her once again. We both entered the room, spotting jason at the kitchen island on his Macbook, most likely editing one of his vlogs.

charlie ran up behind him, hugging his shoulders and catching him by surprise.

"Hi baby! How was dance class? Learn anything new?" Jason asked.

"It was great! Salem said we all did good and we would for sure kick but at the next competition." Charlie said giggling.

Jason chuckled, turning around fully. I stood there kind of awkward, not wanting to break their father daughter moment.

"Oh Salem! Thank you so much for giving Charlie a ride back here. I got a little hung up on editing this video." He said, pointing his thumb in the direction of the Macbook.

"Oh it's completely fine." I said shrugging my shoulders. "I took her to get ice cream if that's okay?" I asked. Jason nodded his head and looked at Charlie.

"Yeah, That's okay." He sad nodding.

I looked at Charlie and saw her pre-occupied on her phone, so I saw that as a way of me excusing myself to leave. "Alright Charlie. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Jason." I said waving. They both waved and said goodbye. I escorted myself to the front door, opening it and stepping out, closing it behind me.

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