Yandere! Werewolf! Bakugou Katsuki x Child! Fem! Reader

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I feel like I should probably just dedicate a whole book to all of my supernatural creature Yandere things, but it's going on here first.

Humans were not kind. They were savage, ruthless, and in every shape and form, stupid. However, there was one, just one, who caught Katsuki's eye. It was a young village girl by the name of (Y/n). She was shy, not to mention insecure, but she was the kindest human he'd come across in a very, very long time. She was a child, a delicate one at that, and was always being teased by some local village boys. This is how he met her.
After getting teased mercilessly by some boys she wandered into the woods. Although Bakugou absolutely adored her, it was still a very stupid decision. She found him in the woods and he was horribly wounded, thanks to some damn hunters. He was able to fight them off of course, but he was still hurt. She saw his condition and immediately helped him, apparently not noticing the bared teeth, fuzzy yellow ears, and puffy tail. Now, usually if some disgusting human came up to him and tried to touch him he would have torn them to shreds, but somehow she was different. She was so small and he knew he could easily kill her, but he didn't. He was unable to kill her. Not because of physical weakness, but because he didn't want to live with the blood of a child on his hands.
So, she nursed him back to health, returning to him every single day. The day he was completely healed was a sad one for him. It was already dangerous for a small human to be helping a creature like him, she could be executed if anyone found out and told the village leaders. Katsuki didn't know what he would do if something bad happened to her, it would eat him alive. So, he did the unthinkable.
He slaughtered her whole village without her knowing and brought her with him.
It was too dangerous for someone as sweet and innocent as she was, he couldn't let her go, not even if he wanted to.

"As long as you stay with me, no one will ever hurt you."

Just to clarify, this wasn't romantic.
Anyway, Vampire Todoroki or Forest Guardian Midoriya next? Let me know!

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