ain't nobody got time cause I was already late like always, but this time I was even more late

I went over and took the pictures and I seen Vassiah, Autumn, and Keonda walk in. I continued to take the pictures but I would look at them every once In a while

I seen Autumn glance over at Kash and laugh. Kash got up and walked to the back of the building

fuck? what's funny?

I finished taking the pictures and looked at them. They was actually cute

Kamrynn_ Not even suppose to have this picture yet, but ya bitch is cute asf 😍💕!

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Kamrynn_ Not even suppose to have this picture yet, but ya bitch is cute asf 😍💕!

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I sat the camera back down and walked away just to get pulled back

why everybody feel the need to be pulling me?

they better chill cause my reflexes be quick

"Stay over here"

"I'm not staying over here, no."

"so you like girls?" Keonda asked

"do you like girls?" why is it they business?

"first of all don't get no attitude. You not grown" Autumn said and I scrunched my face up

"I'm very much grown compared to y'all" I pointed at the 3 of them

"you not so stay over here. What you need to go back there for?" Vassiah asked

"Cause I can"

"youn need to go back there with Kash"

"well she can come up here"

"don't call her up here" Keonda said

"Well then leave me alone. You worried bout me and you got pictures to take"

"I'm finna beat yo' ass in here cause you doing to much" I turned around and walked away leaving them shocked

I left and walked to the back of the building where Kash was

"you ready to go?" she asked as I sat down beside her

"not yet, I gotta take more pictures in a lil bit" I told her "where my phone?"

"here" she pulled it out her pocket and gave it to me

"I'm hungry, I can't wait to go home to eat and lay down"

"that's all you do"

"yeah cause ain't shit else to do. I wanna go do some wild shit"

"you tryna commit suicide" I started laughing cause she say anything

"noo I'm just saying I wanna do something fun. Something Ian never do before" she looked at me from the corner of her eye

"I got something fun that we can do. Together" she licked her lips making me laugh

"Get yo' nasty ass on Cierra"

"I'm serious"

"I see that"

I went back and took my second round of pictures and we left and went back to my house

"what the fuck is wrong with you?" I said throwing my pants in the dirty clothes. This girl was humping my bed

she started laughing

"ion know" she got up going over to my dresser and started touching shit "aww you was cute"

she picked up the picture

"no I wasn't, that was third grade" I said

"you was cute" she sat it back down and started walking around touching other shit

"why is you touching stuff?" I asked looking at her as I laid across my bed

"Cause I gotta see what you got up in here" she went in the closet "first of all this closet big ass fuck and it's a lot of clothes and shoes in here"

"you is so dramatic and extra"

"no Ian even being extra"

She came out the closet and went in the bathroom

"ITS A SHOWER AND TUB IN THIS BITCH" she turned the light off and came back out "Oh yeah, you already know. I'm finna get my clothes and come take a shower"

"no you not. Sit down" she doing to much and she ain't even suppose to be in here

She sat down and calmed down

thank you


Another chapter in one night!

at this point y'all ain't got no choice but to be active 💯😭

will kentrell walk in and catch Kash in the house?

what's gone happen next???

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