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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"first of all why you got him outside by his self, dumbass" I said to Nisha over the phone

She left Draco outside by his self and he ate sand, and now it's stuck in his throat

"cause I had to do something, I was gone come back out" she said, all my baby mommas is dumb

I think Jania got more sense, I should hope so

"mane shutcho ass up and take him to the hospital. I'm on the way" I hung up and grabbed my stuff

why in the fuck would she let him stay out side by his self?

Nigga not even 4 or 5 yet, bye

I left and made it to the hospital making it to the room. Draco was sitting up watching tv and drinking water

ain't he suppose have a bunch of needles in him and tubes down his throat?

I'm tweaking

"What the doctor say?" I asked Nisha as I sat down at the end of the bed

"they said he fine he just need to drink water and he can't eat hard stuff. The sand scratched his throat, so we gotta wait for it to heal"

I shook my head


"I'm taking him with me cause youn know what the fuck you be doing with him. Who leaves they 3 year old outside?"

"I had to run in to get something, I wasn't even in the house for 5 minutes" I shrugged

"find a better excuse cause that one ain't cutting it"

"Kentrell" I Ignored her, fuck her

"Draco you good man?"

he nodded before smiling

"yeah, I do cool trick" he drunk some water and spit it back in the cup


"dont do that, and don't drink it no more" I took the cup from him

for some reason I wanted to throw up

I stayed for two more hours and left, I had stuff to do. I'll be back later on to get him cause he coming back with me

Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"pass me the damn pants" I said from the other side of the door. I was getting ready to take my pictures

"don't talk to me like that with yo' mad ass" Kash Said as she put the pants over the door. I rolled my eyes but she couldn't see me

"Shut up" I quickly slipped the pants on and came out

"wait" Kash pulled me back. I raised a eyebrow


"I'm finna cry cause you look to good. What the fuck?" I sucked my teeth and walked off

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